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Making memories in the garden #mywindowview

Making Garden Memories: A journey through time in our garden

Below is the view from my window – the kids playing in the garden; having fun, a picnic in the garden after a tough day at school.

View from my window: Into our garden


This photograph has made me realise just how many wonderful memories our garden has created for the children and our family.

It is somewhat of an escape for the kids, and for me…it has grown with us; matured as the kids have, created a space for us to learn, love and explore through the last few years. One of the reasons that we bought the house we did with its wooden casement windows, sliding folding doors onto our relaxing patio and lawn beyond, was so that we could watch our children grow as we busied ourselves within the kitchen.

After my daughter was born in 2005, we planted a tree in the garden….

First visit to the garden: a few days old

First visit to the garden: a few days old


Taking the photo today has inspired me to look back on everything that has happened within the garden – to take a dip into the memories that our photos and wonderful garden have created. The window into this little part of our lives has seen a lot of action…from a small girl keeping an eye on mummy…

Watching mummy at one

…to trying to climb through the window at two when we weren’t too sure what daddy was cooking up for us in the kitchen!

Inspecting daddys cooking through the window

The garden was a place for my daughter to explore on her own, but then something rather exciting happened a few year’s later and she seems to have got herself a wee partner in crime for her garden adventures..

Partner in crime: Snowfall

I think that perhaps he may have borrowed that hat for his snow-based garden fun; I am not too sure he would like to be seen in that hat these days – far too pink!

Perhaps though, if there was the promise of more garden excitement, he could be persuaded….particularly if it involved bikes!

My son learnt to ride his bike in our garden, from stabilizers, to tearing about without a care inside a week. There were bruises, and tears, but most of all there was the new realisation that bikes meant we could go a hell of a lot faster! Now, we can watch him spinning around the garden from our window again, without having to worry about grazed knees. Well, not too much anyway….

Garden memories: Learning to ride

The garden has seen the oddest couples from princess and pirate…

Odd couples: Garden pirates and princesses

…to that strange, icy cold guest that tried to get in through the folding doors that we added to the house just a few years ago…

Garden guests: Through the window!

Well spotted, Stuntboy – quick stop him!

We have had love, fights, picnics, swings, shops, and so much more making so many lasting memories in our garden as our kids have grown….

Bubbles in the Garden

We have even had footballing success as my little boy won player of the season, as voted for by his team, and paraded his trophy in our garden, perhaps in homage to where he practices his goal-keeping skills with mummy ALL the time!

Footballl trophy in the garden - Three cheers!

We look forward to many more successes, and memories in our little corner of the world. It may only be small, but the view is perfect.

This is a collaborative post.

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