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What I’m doing now

What Im doing now: Ish....

I have been tagged by the utterly gorgeous Becky from A Beautiful Space, after I made her giggle on a hangout *who me*. It has taken me far too long to write this post, and I apologise, but I can never seem to get my head around memes fast enough! However, here very much goes…

Reading: This is something that I am desperately trying to do more of and have even managed to join a book club to try and get myself picking up my kindle or a good book a lot more than I have done in the past. I am therefore actually reading a book at the moment; yes I know, what a shock that is! It is Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Life after Life

A very original and thought provoking book about what would happen if we could live our lives over and over again, and right the wrongs that have occurred to cause us to take our particular paths. I am only half way through and the book club meets tomorrow, so I think I should probably be reading it and not writing this… *oops*

Listening: to The Vamps, partly because my kids love them, and also because I am a 40-year old woman and sometimes I really do wish I was a teenager again… *Wild at Heart – honest*

Laughing at: my kids – with them and very occasionally at them. My son in particular has come out with some wonderful stuff over the last few days including:

“Mummy, do moustaches go above or under your nose”

Neither if I remember to shave…and while playing pirates we had this strange exchange of words…

“Why are you taking a football upstairs – do pirates play football?”

No mummy, they don’t, it is a grenade”

Of course it is…

Swooning over: May I refer you back to what I am listening to *did I say that out loud*

Planning: to try and manage to work and look after the kids over the summer holidays when most of my days at the moment seem like this working mum day, and nothing is EVER under control

Eating lots of: crap food, because I just don’t seem to have time to get myself anything suitable at 1pm when there are only a couple of hours until pick up and I still haven’t managed to do half of what I thought I would be able to within a day. Some might say that I was bad at planning, well, I’m not, I brilliant at it – but only if it is planning for other people ;-)

Feeling; sad because my little boy is finishing infant school and going to junior school in September. He says he doesn’t want to leave. I don’t want him to go either…can’t he just stay 6/7 forever, please?

What Im doing now: Kids growing up

Discovering; that I do actually need to make sure I have down time in the week, whether that’s making a loom band with the kids, or reading that book club tome – it is important for my sanity it really is

Looking at: my Google beanbag on my desk and wondering why the hell it is still there…and then realising that I haven’t tidied my desk for ages…but that might be OK because it means that the sequin picture my daughter made me is still here and that makes me smile very wide. That can’t be bad, can it?

Wearing: the same gear I wore when I went to a Bjorn Again concert a weekend or so ago – a rather lovely purple, blue, white and green patterned dress/top and some black leggings. Casual computing, that’s me. I have washed it since then, I really have.

Cooking; Quiche because it was quick and easy, and I was tired, again…

Wondering; whether they cold conceivably be a secret stash of cash on this desk as it has been so long since I actually tidied it. There might be cheques that need banking, or at the very least a new interesting life form that I could write about in the next blog post…

Trying out; this meme lark again with this post. I used to love doing them in the early days and seem to have fallen out of the habit…that was good fun, and actually it didn’t take anywhere near as long as I was thinking it might…perhaps I am ready for another one!

As this is a meme, I am tagging a few more lovely bloggers to carry on – do leave your link to the posts in the comments once you have done them :-D

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Please don’t feel you have to do it though, clearly it is entirely up to you. I have enjoyed it, and thought you might all like to have a go too.

Catch you later everyone!

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