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Hamilton trailer: Disney+ saves the day!

If you are like us, you probably panicked at the start of lockdown and bought Disney+. Perhaps you weren’t sure what on earth you were going to do with the kids for a bajillion years without being able to escape to Costa, or the local park for five minutes of peace. Don’t panic though, Hamilton is coming to Disney+. Oh – and we’ve got loads of free activities for kids too of course!

UPDATED 23rd June: It seems as though Disney Plus have withdrawn the Seven Day Free Trial offer for their package. We are looking into this to get an update from Disney’s press office to see whether there are any alternatives out there – watch this space!

Hamilton trailer on Disney+

And we have NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED to see a film as we are to see this one. It feels like it could be even better than The Greatest Showman, and the kids were singing that one for months after its release.

Check out the Hamilton trailer on Disney+ and see what you think for yourself.

Hamilton | Official Trailer | Disney+

Big, bold and beautiful. Check it out now – we most definitely will when it is released. Don’t worry you only have a few weeks to wait too.

Hamilton is released on the 3rd July on Disney+

Hamilton trailer on Disney+

Hopefully the Hamilton trailer and its addition to Disney+ give you some great me time for you, while the kids are busy watching.

However, if you are really struggling for things to do with the kids, and Disney+ hasn’t quite managed to entertain them for 12 hours a day (!) then do take a moment to check out some of the other activities that we have on the site as well, if you can.

Indoor Activities for kids

Here are some more wondewrful indoor activity ideas for kids - including a list of 100 things to do!

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This is NOT a sponsored post at all – we love Disney+ and musicals, so we thought we would share it with our audience for free.

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