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15 reasons to teach your kids archery

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Long before Katniss Everdeen, there have been heroic archers peppered throughout history who have sparked the imagination of many a child! From William Tell (he of son with apple on head fame!) to Robin Hood, Susan Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, Legolas and the Green Arrow… the list goes on.

15 reasons to teach your kids archery! First being, thanks to the likes of Katniss - archery is cool! Not only is archery social, it is also great for building confidence as well as upper body strength. A fun social sport for the whole year! Go online to look for an archery club near you! Sign your kids up today, archery is social exercise!

It is great to see kick-ass archers who are heroines as well, not just heroes. This is a sport which is open and enjoyable for both boys and girls. Archery is quite cool now! Thanks mainly to popular culture and the likes of The Hunger Games; whatever the reasons it is also a great way for children to keep fit.

Why teach your kids archery?

Just about anyone can play archery, it is truly a sport for the masses. Not only is archery thought to improve mental toughness and self-confidence, it is also a social sport that teaches teamwork and sportsmanship. Those incredibly useful life skills which will seamlessly transfer into your child’s adulthood too.

15 reasons to teach your kids archery infographic

Source: A Straight Arrow

Archery and physical development

Importantly, archery also helps physical development. It improves not only upper body strength, but also core strength. Did you know that during an average competition a male archer will pull 7.3 tons? Whereas a female archer will pull 5.3 tons! To put this in perspective during a weight lifting competition the strongest will be lifting 1.5 tons.

Not only is archery relatively inexpensive, it is thankfully not just a fair-weather sport. There is no excuse… it can be played all year round. Of those 15 reasons to teach your kids archery seeing your child keeping fit, being social, focused and having fun is surely that is what it is all about! Look online to search for an archery club near you.


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Wednesday 11th of May 2016

Hi Helen, great information... i will surely apply this knowledge in future these are very beneficial for kids thank you for sharing


Wednesday 11th of May 2016

We tried archery on holiday and it was so much fun. As long as z didn't shoot us in the foot I think he'd learn so much from it!

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