Baby Born activity sheets for kids

Baby Born activity sheets

Need a fun printable to relax with? We’ve got just the thing for you, as we are sharing a lovely set of Baby Born activity sheets with you today. Baby Born activity sheets number one There are many tangled lines in this printable activity sheet, but only one connects the two bears. Can you find which one it is? Baby Born activity sheets number

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Fathers day poem free printable

Fathers Day Poem

We have got something really special for you for Fathers day, a lovely printable with a Fathers Day poem from the heart. This little poem shares some Father’s Day Thoughts, and will most certainly make a wonderful gift to be treasured for years to come. Dads truly are awesome. It really does not matter what type of parenting families choose, there is usually a special bond between

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Alice through the looking glass activity sheets

Alice through the Looking Glass activity sheets

We were really excited when we heard that Alice in Wonderland is getting it’s sequel and we are even more excited to be sharing these Alice through the Looking Glass activity sheets with you today. We have got a lovely selection of activity sheets both you and your kids will really enjoy. Character bookmarks If you or your kids are avid readers, these Alice

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Do you love the Goosebumps books? Here is a tutorial for Goosebumps Slappy from the books and the movie; something great for Halloween and beyond. Scare your friends now!

Goosebumps Slappy make up tutorial #GoosebumpsParty

We have a great tutorial today, perfect for anyone who loves the Goosebump books; we have a free printable that is going to tell you how to create a likeness for Goosebumps Slappy. Slappy is one of the most loved villians from the Goosebumps series (Amazon UK / US), and a key protagonist in the Goosebumps DvD. He is a ventriloquist’s dummy, who R. L.

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Teaching money to kids from an early age is not only wise, but it saves a lot of time when they are teens! The most important lesson for them to learn isn't necessarily what you think it might be...

The most valuable lesson in teaching money to kids

I have always believed that it is really important from an early age to make sure we are teaching all about money to our kids; helping them to explore the value of cash. Not with a view to creating mini tycoons, but to help them understand that people, and in particular, their parents work to provide for their families, and earn money to be able to

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How to go on a bug hunt

We’ve got something exciting for all the mini-beast lovers out there! We are sharing a lovely set of printables that will give your kids all the know-how on how to go on a bug hunt. Explore your garden this summer with these printables. Will your child be an ant spotter, or a ladybug seeker? There are a whole lot of bugs all around us

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Flyte action pic 3

#Win Midi Flyte Case scooter for kids travel fun (RRP £69.99)*

It is coming up to holiday season, and we have a perfect gift for the kids for those travelling days; to make them more fun for them, and a lot easier for you. We are giving away a Midi Flyte case scooter which ingeniously combines travel with play to change every journey into something magical. We are offering a case to one lucky winner on

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Enjoy this tasty beef wellington recipe. Great for a Sunday roast, or for an impressive dinner!

Beef wellington

It is showy. It is simple. Impress your family and friends. It is not as difficult as you may think to make this delicious recipe. Why not mix up your Sunday lunches, by serving beef wellington instead of the usual Sunday roast. Great for dinners too! Yum. Print Yum Beef wellington Prep Time: 15 minutesCook Time: 1 hour, 10 minutesTotal Time: 1 hour, 25

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#Win one of five Friendsbooks to encourage kids to love writing

Friendsbooks are a wonderful new concept from FoxMaster Publishing; a way to encourage kids to enjoy writing again by getting them to write about some of their most important memories. The books provide a real world way to play, write, draw and learn about themselves and their mates with a fill-in-the-blank approach to writing a diary. They offer an original new way for children

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How to teach finance to your toddler. Make your children money savvy! Start today

Teaching kids about money: Getting your toddler to understand

Teaching kids about money – make your toddler finance savvy It’s never too early to ensure your children appreciate the value of money.  Not that your child should know the ins and outs of your mortgage, but rather that most things in life come with a monetary value. When I was little my father played a trick on me, he showed me a bright

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Sheep coloring page

Baby Annabell cute sheep colouring pages

Sharpen your colouring pencils or crayons as today we are sharing two Baby Annabell cute sheep colouring pages for you to print and for your little ones to color. Colouring is great for all ages as it can prove to be a good fine motor skill practice for the little ones and a stress relieving activity for older kids, and with colouring sheets as

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Woman_couch_2 (1)

#Win six month subscription to Readly giving you access to all the magazines you ever dreamed of! (two available)

As a blogger, I sometimes get really, really cool stuff to do. Contrary to popular belief though, bloggers do pay for things. In fact, we pay for a lot of things. Particularly the stuff that we really love. Readly is something that I have been paying for every month because it is brilliant. For only £7.99 a month I get access to over 1,500 magazines covering

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Get messy and have fun with your baby! This sensory finger painting activity for babies is tasty fun too!

Baby sensory finger painting

Baby sensory finger painting with food – a fun activity for baby Sensory finger painting is a great way to introduce your baby to art and painting at an early age. As babies love exploring with their mouths, today we have made edible finger paint, so there is no need to worry when they try to eat it! Warning: this is messy, but that

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Father’s Day printables as gifts for Dad

We’ve got something for the best dad in the world today, a lovely set of Father’s Day printables as gifts for dad. It’s wonderful that this special holiday is becoming more and more popular don’t you think? To make the day special for the father in the house we are sharing a lovely set of printables they will cherish. “I have a HERO I call

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Thomas and Friends printables to keep your kids on track

Thomas and Friends printables to keep your kids on track

All aboard! If you’ve got a Thomas and Friends fan at your home we’ve got just the thing for them today as we have gathered some of the most amazing Thomas and Friends printables to keep your kids on track. You’ll find it all, from wonderful colouring pages to colour in to party supplies to throw a Thomas birthday party. 1. Thomas and Friends

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Nits in hair - yuk. There is nothing worse than finding nits in your kids hair. What can you do? We have the answer, and there is no washing, only one application and its totally natural too!

8 reasons to use THIS way to get rid of nits in hair

We are far from shy in talking about nits in hair on KiddyCharts. We all know how rubbish it is getting them. Photo Credit: Christopher Campbell via Unsplash They are a fact of family life, and if your child has reached the age of ten and you haven’t experienced the joy of going through your kids hair, looking for the little s*ds then you are

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Playbrush turns your toothbrush into a game controller for their apps. Now your kids want to brush their teeth!

#Win with Playbrush so your kids can play and brush too! (two available)

We have a treat for you today. We are working with Playbrush again to get all your wonderful children brushing their teeth, without the pain. Playbrush is a toothbrush add on that turns any toothbrush into a fun toy for kids, that means they’ll want to brush their teeth every single day. As you can see here, just add the Playbrush to the end

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Baked egg rolls with asparagus

Try this recipe for a beautifully plated, brunch or starter. Looks great – tastes even better. Stunning to look at, easy to prepare!   Print Yum Baked egg rolls with asparagus Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 20 minutes Yield: 8 portionsServing Size: 1 portionCalories per serving: 382Fat per serving: 13.6 Ingredients1 1/2 tbsp olive oil 8 crusty bread rolls 25g Gruyere

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Why it is OK to be a bad parent sometimes

Why its okay to be a bad parent sometimes

I’m going to share with you a little something I’m not proud of: I bet you’ve never even heard of. It’s called the ‘parenting wobble.’ Having a parenting wobble might make you feel like you are a bad parent. But its OK for that to happen. It is OK to wobble once in a while. Actually I made it up, but it’s a lovely

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Space Dogs colouring pages and activity sheets

Calling all wannabe Astronauts and space explorers! KiddyCharts are proud to be offering two amazing colouring and activity sheets to celebrate the release of the fab new family film, Space Dogs Adventure To The Moon. Bond with your child whilst colouring in these new activity pages of Pushok and his pals from their new film Space Dogs Adventure To The Moon. Help Pushok and

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Celebrate the new Thomas & Friends movie! Coulour in these fantastic colouring sheets today!

Thomas colouring pages: The Great Race

Children’s firm favourite Thomas the Tank Engine is back! Thomas and his friends are in an all-new feature length movie Thomas & Friends: The Great Race. This film steams Cinemas on Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd, for special weekend screenings. This new movie will play across 300 cinemas in UK and Ireland, so there will be a screening near you – check

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Princess and the frog printables for Storytime

You will take story time to a whole new level with these princess and the frog printables for storytime. This is one of the more popular fairy tales and with these activity printables, kids are going to enjoy it even more. There are a whole bunch of fun printables waiting for you to print them, from decorative printables to activity sheets. Cute Storytime Bookplates

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30+ Cookie recipes to make your mouth water

30+ Cookie recipes to make your mouth water

Who doesn’t like cookies? I love them and my whole family loves them too. So we bring you 30+ Cookie recipes to make your mouth water. 1. Homemade malted milk biscuits from KiddyCharts (pictured to right) 2. Make your own Custard Creams from KiddyCharts (pictured top left) 3. Sweet emoji sugar cookies from Easy Peasy and Fun 4. Chocolate, cranberry, banana bread biscuits recipe Glued to my

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Unusually, the Baby Born is perfect for your babies as its a doll newborns can play with. Why not let you little one loose?

#Win Baby Born My Little Supersoft doll and comfort seat

We have had a bit of a run on dolls in the KiddyCharts office, so we have another one to give away to you all, this time it is a Baby Born My Little Supersoft Doll (RRP £14.99), complete with its very own comfort seat (RRP £24.99). This doll is unusual in that it is something you can give a newborn baby; making it

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Make these malted milk biscuits

Homemade malted milk biscuits

Make these simple yet tasty biscuits this week. Enjoy with a steaming mug of tea, dunk into a hot chocolate, or my personal favourite – have as a snack, whenever! Print Yum Homemade malted milk biscuits Prep Time: 20 minutesCook Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes Yield: 30Serving Size: Per biscuitCalories per serving: 105Fat per serving: 3.9 Ingredients125g unsalted butter 125g caster sugar 1

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15 reasons to teach your kids archery

15 reasons to teach your kids archery

Long before Katniss Everdeen, there have been heroic archers peppered throughout history who have sparked the imagination of many a child! From William Tell (he of son with apple on head fame!) to Robin Hood, Susan Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia, Legolas and the Green Arrow… the list goes on. It is great to see kick-ass archers who are heroines as well, not just

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cowboy jpg

Kids movie night popcorn holders to print

Movie nights and popcorn, a winning combination if you ask us. Watching movies as a family is great fun and popcorn makes the experience even better. But we can top even that with these kids movie night popcorn holders to print, they will take the movie night experience to a whole new level. Surprise your little ones with delicious popcorn served in a fun

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Num Noms coloring & activity sheets

Num Noms colouring pages and activities

There is no escaping the new craze which is hitting playgrounds right now! Num Noms are the new must have! These are collectible and swap-able toys with a difference… The cutesy tiny characters are inspired by sweet flavored snacks adored by children worldwide – such as ice cream and cupcakes! What makes these toys really different is that they also double up as toys

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Baby Annabell Rose Set

#Win Baby Annabell First Rose set doll and moses basket

Today we have a lovely new giveaway for all of you who are Baby Annabell fans. Baby Annabell has a brand new doll, the First Rose set is part of the My First Baby Annabell collection that includes: A soft bodied doll, Lovely rose dress, Some gorgeous tiny little sandals, Matching romper suit, and Sheep rattle. We are giving one of those scrumptious dolls away (RRP £24.99),

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banana tarte tatin 2

Banana tarte tartin

Bored with the same old apple tarte tartin? Looking for a whole new tarte tartin vibe – then try this delicious Banana Tarte Tartin. Well worth the effort – impress family and friends with this delicious pud – yum! It looks fantastic and it tastes even better. Print Yum Banana tarte tartin Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 35 minutesTotal Time: 45 minutes Yield: Serves

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Look what you can win - closes 31st May, so hurry up!

Win Robinson Crusoe goody bag including three DvDs #RobinsonCrusoe

This week, on May 6th, there is a new Robinson Crusoe film in town. But this telling of the story is completely different from anything you have heard about the original tale… This film is seen through the eyes of an adventure-loving, but rather mischievous and outgoing parrot, called Tuesday. One day, after a violent storm, the animals on the island Tuesday calls home, wake

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Jungle mobile

Adorable printable jungle nursery mobile

If you or your friends are expecting a new family member we’ve got a lovely printable jungle nursery mobile for you to print and assemble. Mobile work brilliant in a nursery, they give babies something fun to look at and to interact with. Can you even imagine a nursery without one? So this free nursery mobile printable truly makes a wonderful gift to yourself,

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Harry Potter Roundup

25 magical Harry Potter activities for wizards everywhere

You don’t have to travel to Hogwarts to become a wizard, the first steps to becoming a wizard just like Harry Potter can be done in the comfort of your home with the help of one of these Harry Potter activities and printables for kids. 1. Five HP essentials to make new parents lives easier from KiddyCharts 2. If your little ones want to

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Barclays are offering the chance for one lucky fan to win the chance to present the Premier League trophy to the winning captain, and for many others to win tickets to games across the country. Why not take part now?

Win the chance to present the Premier League Football Trophy with Barclays

Barclays has been synonymous with Football in the UK for 15 years as headline sponsor of the Premier League. My little boy is currently wishing so very, very hard that his team, Tottenham, can overhaul the Leicester City lead and finally get their hands on the most coveted prize in football; the Premier League title. But, little does he know that there is a chance

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posh sausage sandwich FB

Posh sausage sandwich

A quick and classy sausage sandwich perfect for lunch, dinner or for inviting the girls over for a chat – great with a glass of wine! Be it family food or friend food, this is sure to be a winner. Print Yum Posh sausage sandwich Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 25 minutesTotal Time: 35 minutes Yield: 4Serving Size: 1 sandwhichCalories per serving: 341Fat per

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Num Noms are the latest payground toy craze for the kids making them an ideal gift. Great toys for girls, and boys too. Giveaway closes 26th May.

#Win Num Noms toy bundle

Have you heard about the new craze in the playgrounds now; Num Noms? We have in the KiddyCharts household, and so we have tracked down a few of them for you, so we can give some away! We have: A Num Noms deluxe pack (RRP £14.99), and Two Num Noms series one mystery pots (RRP £2.99). That should be enough for your kids to keep them

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Harry Potter is one of my favourite books, but I bet you didn't know that the Harry Potter magical stuff would be so good at helping parents everywhere did you? Time Turners would be life savers, and so would some of the others. What would Harry Potter give to you to help?

Five Harry Potter essentials to make new parents lives easier

Reading and being a new parent, they don’t go together. When in god’s name do you ever find time to read books when you are looking after your little bundle of joy? Despite this well know fact, I managed to read Harry Potter all through breastfeeding my kids; while I was breastfeeding them. Harry Potter became an essential part of my day, and an

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bottle big brother

Baby milestone cards for the perfect baby photo

Have you welcomed a new member to your family and would like to make perfect baby photos – well look no further! Today we are sharing a lovely set of baby milestone cards for the perfect baby photo; there’s one for every occasion, from the 1st bath to celebrating holidays. Click on any image below to download and print your own Baby milestone cards! We

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DiskoPets is based on a floating island in the clouds; a perfect places for online cartoon games, and kids imaginations to take flight!

DiskoPets: Now it is possible for online cartoon games to help kids to play AND learn

Are you looking for a way for your kids to play, but learn at the same time? Of course you are; but you wouldn’t expect online cartoon games to do this for you, but there is a new one in town, DiskoPets, and it is designed to do just that for you. DiskoPets is aimed precisely at helping kids to play and learn hand in hand in a

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Win £100 Visa Gift Card with DC Super Hero Girls

We have a great new show to introduce to you all: DC Super Hero Girls on YouTube… If you are looking for a great show, that gives your kids something to dive into the weekend and beyond with a bit of traditional girl-power, then you’re looking in the right place! There are plenty of characters on the show, and with each character having their own unique

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Kids eat free for 2 months for a £1 with Kids Pass #daysout

Thanks goodness that we have discovered Kids Pass, as it appears that I have created a monster…. Obviously not literally, though when 6pm comes, and the after school meltdowns begin, there is the potential for things to get distinctly monstrous… My kids seem to expect us to do something EVERY DAY – I think perhaps that I have tried to “make up” for working for their formative

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Custar Creams Delicious Recipe

Make your own Custard Creams

These custard creams are perfect when you invite your friends over for a cup of tea and a fun chat. Print Yum Make your own Custard Creams Prep Time: 40 minutesCook Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 50 minutes Yield: 20Calories per serving: 230 IngredientsFOR THE BISCUITS 200g unsalted butter 100g caster sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract 85g custard powder 225g plain flour FOR THE FILLING

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We have a great giveaway for you - win a Revell Junior off road kit for your kids with us. Closes 19th May.

Win Revell Junior Kit off road vehicle*

We have a lovely new toy for you all to give away today, a Revell Junior Kit off road vehicle. The Junior Kit from Revell was the winner of two best new toy awards and is a new concept that introduces the world of modelling to young craft makers. The range is designed for ages 4 and over, and it is aimed at bridging the gap between Playsets and Construction Toys. The range of easy-to-assemble construction

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How Many LEGO Would It Take to Build Sci-Fi Megastructures

How much LEGO would it take to build the Death Star?

Have you ever thought about living in a world where everything was built out of LEGO blocks? How many blocks would be needed to build your dream house? While we can’t answer that question as we really do not know what your dream house looks like, we can give you an idea on how many blocks you would need to build some of the most

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World Book Day

World Book Day : 8 of the best bookish world records

There is something truly wonderful about seeing a child curled up with a good book, engrossed in a story or engaged with facts. In honor of World Book Day, has handpicked 8 of the best bookish World Records! Image Credit: Books in a row via Shutterstock 1. The World Book Day Bumper Book Quiz. This year 6,388 children and adults at 62 worldwide

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Sensory bottles for babies are a great way for them to explore the world arround them. Sensory play is a great fun craft for mums and babies.

Sensory bottles for babies and toddlers

Today, we have been making these colourful sensory bottles for babies and toddlers, with lots and lots of glitter in….so watch out ;-) They are cheap, easy to make, and babies and toddlers love them! Best of all, you probably will have most of the materials at home already.   Sensory bottles are great for helping babies eyes to focus on near objects. They will

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Win best relationship with your child DvD set.

Build a better relationship with your child with this giveaway (RRP £64.00)

We have a wonderful educational giveaway for you this week; both for you and your child. The Director of the Child Mental Health Centre, Dr Margot Sutherland, has produced a series of DvDs that are designed to help parent bonding throughout the early years and into the teens. There are three DvDs within the series: Creative quality time, The first five years, and Age

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Steak Sandwich

Spicy steak sandwich

This sandwich is like no other sandwich you will have tasted in your life. It’s so good you will not want to put it down. It is meaty, juicy, spicy (if you want it to be)! This is perfect “Friday fun” food. Print Yum Spicy steak sandwich Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 20 minutesTotal Time: 30 minutes Serving Size: 4 Ingredients1 red onion, peeled

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Free Sleeping Beauty fairy tale printables from Storytime

As always, KiddyCharts tries to bring you some of the best resources for your children – and free resources where we can, but also heads up on some of those resources that need a little, but give back a lot! Storytime magazine is one of the UK’s leading kids magazines, with subscribers from all over the world. It features fairy tales, poems, fables, myths

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Good things come to those that wait - give your meat time to marinade and these honey glazed kebabs will go down a treat with the kids!

Honey glazed kebabs with pea and mint rice #liveslow

Thanks to Simply Beef and Lamb, I have been asked to come up with a recipe this week; a new, simple one for those of us that like to take life as it comes, and are willing to wait for the important things. We are all far too busy these days, rushing about from one task to another; even the kids seem to have

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