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So kids growing up is meant to feel something like this - did it for you, we discuss, come join in!
Parenting Tips

Real KiddyCharts #3: How your kids growing up messes with your head

Kids growing up is a bit rubbish, isn’t it? I know that is horribly simplified, but, quite frankly, it’s exactly how some of us mums feel at the moment. Perhaps you have always thought two things about your kids growing up: You’d be able to go to the loo on your own, and They’d stop […]

by Helen • August 2, 2017
50+ fun screen free activities for boys
Free Activities For Kids

50+ screen free activities for boys

Do you have young boys (or indeed girls of course) at home that either want to spend their time behind the telly or their tablet? Or they are constantly saying they are bored? Well we have gathered some amazing ideas for screen free activities for boys and girls so that they can step away from […]

by Helen • July 28, 2017
Free book covers for back to school and beyond
Free printable activities & reward charts

Free book covers for back to school and beyond

If you are running out of ideas and activities to do at home with your kids you are in the right place to find some to keep the little ones busy for hours. If you are already thinking about “back to school” we certainly have a nice little treat for you. These free book covers for […]

by Helen • July 26, 2017
12 Zodiac animal colouring pages
Free printable activities & reward charts

12 Zodiac animal colouring pages

Do you know what your sign is in Chinese zodiac? What about your kids? Chinese zodiac is really interesting and these 12 zodiac animal colouring pages are great way to explore all the signs. Getting your kids interested in the zodiac signs can be a great introduction for them to start learning about Chinese culture […]

by Helen • July 24, 2017
3 Rose Summer Cocktails for parents everywhere
Kids cooking recipes

3 Rose Summer Cocktails for naughty parents everywhere

There aren’t many things as refreshing as a delicious cocktail on a hot summer day. Mix up a refreshing frose cocktail (we provide the recipes) with Whit Zinfandel and treat your friends or indulge on your own. Spice it up this summer with delicious 3 rose summer cocktails echo falls frozen rose cocktails. We all need a summer […]

by Helen • July 14, 2017
50 cool films every kid must see before they grow up
Free Activities For Kids

50 films every kid must see before they grow up

The BFG, The Lion King and Up! have been named as three of the films all children should watch before the age of 11, according to a new list compiled by leading film industry experts. The guide to the 50 films every child should see before they grow up has been created by film education charity Into Film, […]

by Helen • July 12, 2017
Five awesome tips to keep kids learning with educational screen time
Free Activities For Kids

Five tips to keep kids learning with educational screen time

The summer holidays are almost upon us, and six weeks (or more) is a very long time. Keeping children occupied can be exhausting and expensive – and even the best of us will resort to screen time in the quest for a quiet life. Screen time battles are every parent’s bugbear – but what if […]

by Angie Shatford • July 7, 2017
Ballerina activity sheets printable for kids.
Free printable activities & reward charts

Ballerina activity sheets

Do you have a little one who dreams of one day becoming a ballet dancer at home? Then they are sure going to love these ballerina activity sheets that we are sharing with you today. We do love ballet and ballerinas! It’s such a graceful dance that requires a lot of determination and practice. We […]

by Helen • July 5, 2017
Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom as a few hidden mickeys too - and one of the best ones is here - can you spot it, and the others from our article?
Family holiday locations & tips

15 awesome Animal Kingdom Hidden Mickeys to find with the kids

We are running a series of posts on the best Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World in Florida. We have already taken a look at the App Hidden Mickeys, and today we are exploring all the ones that we managed to find within the Animal Kingdom. There are, of course, many more than these Animal […]

by Helen • July 4, 2017