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Brain food for kids Boost your child's brain.
Healthy Eating Tips for Kids Healthy lifestyle tips Kids cooking recipes

Brain food for kids: Boost your child’s brain in a day!

Want to supercharge your child’s brain? Then take a look at what’s on their plate. Feeding your children with the right foods can not only improve mood and behaviour but have a profound effect on their ability to focus, concentrate and think clearly. Nutritionist and Author of the Brain Boost Diet shares the top smart […]

by Helen • November 2, 2017
Kindness is not an option, it is an absolute necessity in life. #52KindWeeks
Free printable activities & reward charts

Random Act of Kindness Cards

If you saw our post on Random Acts of Kindness, then you might have thought about what you would do if you actually DID any of them, and how you would explain what you were doing to someone else. Problem Solved. We’ve got a free set of Random Act of Kindness Cards (RAOK Cards) to […]

by Helen • October 31, 2017
Beautiful sentiment and we can help you to do it too with 100 random acts of kindness. See what you can do today. #52KindWeeks
Free printable activities & reward charts

100 Random Acts of Kindness

Social media is a truly amazing creation. When you ask – it delivers. I needed some more Random Acts of Kindness to fill out the printable I was creating for the new hashtag I have to spread a little kindness; #52KindWeeks. I got them; so thanks so much to everyone that helped out in any […]

by Helen • October 31, 2017
Show us all the Kindness in the world - we need to know; it is lovely to hear the stories, and to help create them. #52KindWeeks #BeKind2017 #BeKind

Introducing #52KindWeeks: Sharing your kindness experiences

Use #52KindWeeks to share anything to do with being kind; it is for EVERYONE. You don’t have to be a blogger, vlogger, Instamum. It is all inclusive. A single ripple created by one random act of kindness can amplify to create a wave. Tell us when someone is kind to you, or when you perform […]

by Helen • October 31, 2017
Ninja cat free printables for kids.
Free printable activities & reward charts

Ninja cat printables

We have a wonderful set of Ninja cat printables to share with you today an oh my are they fun!   A recent study showed that mums and dads in UK spend nearly four times the amount of time engaging in screen time each day than they are reading with their children. To help change […]

by Helen • October 31, 2017
Study Reveals The Most Entertaining US States
Family holiday locations & tips

US State Map: Find out how they rank for happiness, entertainment and beyond!

Ever wondered which state ranks the highest for happiness, entertainment and beyond? We’ve got a US State Map that will reveal just that! Are You Not Entertained? – Every State Ranked by Entertainment When it comes to entertainment, every state has it’s way to take care of it’s citizens and tourist and a new study from PlayNJ […]

by Helen • October 30, 2017
Social Media is quick to point out the disastrous effort of humanity - but what about when we get it right...find out what I mean here!
Family holiday locations & tips

How my faith in humanity has been restored

I’m writing this standing on a platform at Peterborough station. I’m f**king cold and typing is making my hands numb. But nonetheless, I feel a warm glow from the experiences I have had in the last two hours. No-one can describe the feeling when you realise you have left your purse on the train you’ve […]

by Paulc • October 29, 2017
Cutting out our Paddington Bear biscuits
Kids cooking recipes

Perfect little gingerbread bears for you and your kids to bake! #Paddington2

These adorable, delicious bears will make a great treat for you and your small ones to make and eat! They are just the right size to munch on for dessert. Plus they are fun and easy to bake and make a great weekend activity. For the bears you will need: 200g (7oz) self-raising flour, 100g […]

by Millie C • October 29, 2017
Homeschool Activities: Create Your Own Adventure Today With Myra Makes #homeschool #kidsactivities
Free printable activities & reward charts

Homeschool activities: Create your own adventure TODAY with Myra Makes

These wonderful activities, selections from the Journey to Cloud City, introduce your little ones to the Myra Makes learning adventure! Perfect homeschool activities and homeschool lesson planning. All of the activities that you will find in this packet are designed to facilitate open-ended, creative play. Their aim is to allow your child to start creating their […]

by Helen • October 27, 2017