How to Fly with Children

Flying with kids is all about keeping them occupied and not showing fear!

We flew to Australia once.

With a two year old and an eight month old.

I know we really were mad, but my husband had to work out there and I was still on maternity leave. It was one of those opportunities that really shouldn’t be missed. So we didn’t miss it. And we have never regretted it. We were there for a month and loved every bit of it

Chatterbox still remembers feeding the Kangaroos.

When we landed after almost 24 hours on planes with the kids, the passenger sitting behind us said,

“Your kids are awesome.”

Brilliant. No better compliment. He didn’t have to say anything. But he did.

We had worked hard to keep them happy and it had paid off. So based on my Australian experience, here are my top tips for flying or travelling long haul with younger kids and toddlers. Hopefully, these will keep toddler tantrums in check; and the tantrums from other passengers to a minimum.

1. Prepare with information on what flying is all about

Kids react to situations where they do not understand with fear. If they know what to expect, then they will be much calmer generally on the flight. Find some books on going on planes and read them. Show them a few snippets on You Tube. It all helps them to be more comfortable.

2. Take a special bag of toys
Buy some new, never before seen toys. Just little ones from charity shops even. Or perhaps some toys that your children haven’t played with for a while. Bring them out at regular intervals during the flight to keep their interest levels up. If all else fails – don’t be ashamed to use the TV on board the flight. It can be a life safer for the overactive toddler.

3. Take plenty of snacks
It’s worth having a few healthy snacks in the bag to make sure that you have something to feed them when they need further distractions. Raisins, and other friend fruit if your children are happy with this, are perfect.

4. Let them cuddle up and sleep on you when the rest of the flight sleeps
Try and time their naps before the flight so they are tired, but not over tired for the flight, depending on its timing. You would like them to sleep as the rest of the flight sleeps so you aren’t fighting with them. And if they need a warmed bottle to get to sleep; don’t be afraid to ask for help from the cabin staff. They are usually very accommodating. You could even take a bottle warmer with you – but don’t forget the batteries!

5. Relax and show no fear!
Kids pick up on your tension and it makes them tense. If you can try and relax yourself then that will make the whole experience for you and your child so much more pleasant. And if they do cry; don’t panic. Kids cry all the time, and the people around you may even be more understanding that you think. Just calm them gently and if it’s a tantrum about putting on the seatbelt; explain the plane’s pilot has asked them to put it on. Usually works for me – pilot’s are much easier to obey than mummies!

Good luck.

If you have any tips around flying with kids then do let me know below. And happy holidays!

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