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Movenpick Den Bosch: A Movenpick Family review #MovenpickFamily

Travelling with a family, whether young or old, can be a bit of a challenge; there is so much you need to take, and so many different personalities and little quirks that should be catered for. The Movenpick Hotels, are now offering a Movenpick Family program within all their resorts and hotels, to help you to ensure that your family holidays are that little bit easier to manage. We were lucky enough to stay at the Movenpick Den Bosch (Hertogenbosch) hotel to check out their services, and the hotel itself.

Mövenpick Family Happiness | Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts

Movenpick Den Bosch Hotel Location

Movenpick Den Bosch is located a 5-10 minute bus journey from the centre of the town, around a lake, within easy reach of the bus stop for travel on the Transferium; the local Park and Ride.

Den Bosch is a beautiful place to visit - with its walled city; and the Movenpick Den Bosche hotel caters well for families and is easy to get to the town from.

Source: Movenpick

Tickets for the bus are a mere four Euros for a family of four (1 Euro per person), and can easily be bought from the extremely efficient staff on the front desk. This includes travel for a whole day on this line.

The bus drops you right in the centre of the town, a stone’s throw from the Cathedral, and also within easy reach of booking the boat trips that are a must around the town. These can also be arranged from within the hotel too.

To get to the hotel itself, it is a little more problematic if you haven’t hired a car; which you can, of course, do from both Amsterdam Schipol or Eindhoven Airport. Travelling without a car is harder; you could get a taxi for c. 75 Euros each way, but a cheaper option would be a train from either Schipol to s’ Hertogenbosch or from Eindhoven too. We travelled in a car from Eindhoven, and it was a very easy trip, particularly as Eindhoven is so much smaller than airports we are used to in the U.K.; so much more pleasant to navigate through with the kids!

Movenpick Den Bosch Hotel Food

The Movenpick Den Bosch has its own restaurant which is in a gorgeous location on the shores of the lake. It is perfectly possible to sit outside, on warmer days, and enjoy both their breakfast, and their delicious dinner menus. Something that is particularly helpful is the little playground in the corner of the restaurant on the terrace, which can even keep older kids happy…..particularly if they like jumping:

Movenpick Den Bosch has a beautiful terrace in the restaurant, and it even has a little playground for the kids!


Breakfast in the hotel can be included within the cost of your room; and is also charged at 19.50 Euros per person. This does mean its a little more expensive than some hotels, BUT within the Movenpick Family program, kids under six eat free, and those under 12 are charged at half-price.

Breakfast is well stocked, and this means even the fussiest of children will be happy – and the tea selection, should keep the parents pleased as well!

The Movenpick Den Bosch tea choices should keep any adults happy - what a collection!

The food choices includes cooked breakfast, such a mini sausages, bacon, and scrambled egg, as well as the typical continental meat selection that is so famous within the Netherlands.

The Movenpick Den Bosch selection of meats is lovely...

The Movenpick Den Bosche hotel cooked breakfasts were to die for - and the kids LOVED them!

Movenpick Den Bosch not only has a great continential and cooked selection, but there are a lot of gorgeous breads and pastries too. Sometimes it was a little hard tokeep the kids away.... ;-)

There seems to be enough to keep the most competitive of kids happy too…


The dinner menu at the hotel has a theme every month; their wonderfully imaginative cullinary calendar. All themes are available on the Movenpick Den Bosch website.

The Movenpick Family program offers a selection of Power Bites for the kids. If you are looking for playful food, then your kids are more than likely to get it with this offering from the hotel chain.

Anyone for lion mash, pirate treasure veggies or tic tac toe fish sticks? The food is free as well, for under six, and half price for under 12s, so it shouldn’t stretch your budgets too far.

Movenpick Den Bosch is part of the Movenpick Family program, so it has some wonderful kids options - that really are going to get the fussiest eater to comp on their veg!

For older children, they might be interested in choosing from the adult menu, and both of our children can’t recommend the steaks and the summer salads enough! It was a little difficult to get the steaks well done; but this could be the age old problem with chefs being rather reluctant to cook the flavour out of the meat. No chef likes to nuke their steaks! However, it is worth the staff remembering that most kids would much rather their steaks aren’t too rare ;-).

The desserts on the adult menu (and the kids) are, of course, strongly focused on ice cream, and there are a lot of flavours to choose from…

Movenpick Den Bosch doesn't disappoint on the ice cream front - as you would expect....

And they are delicious as well! The sundae’s are rather impressive, with some people getting a little over excited when they appeared….

Movenpick DEn Bosch's ice creams are rather exciting, even for the olds! ;-)

Family accommodation at Movenpick Den Bosch

We have generally steered clear of staying in hotels with the kids; the accommodation is usually just to difficult to get our head around; how do we maintain our privacy, while making sure that the kids are safe?

Family rooms, or apartments are really the only way for accommodation for families to work well. It is wonderful that Movenpick Family are offering these to everyone, so that people are happy with their stay, but can also stay together and feel safe. This is, in fact, their happinest offer! Rooms were 144 Euros for the night at Movenpick Hertogenbosch, and that includes breakfast, and free food for the kids if they are under six in the restaurant. You can also ask the hotel to provide various items for the family to make the stay easier, from cots, to bottles. It is worth checking the Movenpick site for offers for this hotel, and for others should you choose to stay with them.

Movenpick Den Bosch is a hit - look at that face!

The only downside to the Family room was that the connecting rooms were both twin beds, so we would recommend the hotels reconsidering this, and potentially including a double bed in one of the rooms because typically this would be required by the parents/carers of the kids in the connecting twin. For older families though, the connecting twin rooms could work a treat if parents are able to get a room next door! ;-)

Overall impressions of Movenpick Den Bosch (8/10)

From the first moment we arrived at the hotel, it was clear that the staff were going to offer us a very traditional dutch experience; well organised, and extremely polite. The staff were very accommodating with the kids, and a highlight of the stay for them was the wonderful little sweets bag, and T-shirt that they were given upon arrival into the room. Though my two are a little anti-licorice, so might have preferred slightly less of the black stuff ;-).

The Movenpick Den Bosch gave us some sweets when we arrived there for our Movenpick Family trip - the prefect start!

The day we travelled was also a family birthday, and it was lovely to see that they were willing to add some very considerate little touches to the room on our arrival to make the birthday a little bit special. No-one can complain if there is fizz and chocolate involved on their birthday, right?

Movenpick Den Bosch was a perfect place to celebrate a birthday; new sunglass and the kids - what more could a father ask for?

Because the hotel was located a little further out, we didn’t have immediate access to the tourist information centre, but we really didn’t need it. The concierge service at the hotel was excellent; they were able to book excursions for us, including to a local theme park (Efteling), and provide us with transport tickets as needed. They were also more than able to provide us with English leaflets for most of the relevant attractions in the town centre. They were really willing to help your family stay run as smoothly as possible; including giving us an extra pillow when we realised our slightly older bodies weren’t quite able to manage with one!

In summary, this is a great family hotel, that goes the extra mile to make sure you have a good break – including those little touches that can make a holiday really special. Feeling pampered on a family holiday is a little bit of a surprise these days! We would recommend the hotel, and the program to anyone with children. Give Movenpick a bash – it’ll have you smiling and having fun!

Having lots of fun in the centre of Den Bosch!

We were invited to the hotel for the purposes of review; all opinions are our own, and we have given a full honest review of our stay with full editorial control.

Movenpick Den Bosch offers a great choice of location for a family weekend break to the city of hertogenbosch - can you tell from the smiles?


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