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Looking for something different this Christmas and New Year? Then La Petite Soiree Kids’ Cabaret could be it!

It is very hard to do something spectacular that your kids are likely to remember; except perhaps falling face first on the ice in a cold spell – THAT usually works?!? However, we are looking forward to attending a London show, that I am pretty sure IS going to leave both our children with smiles on their faces. And most important, I won’t have to get bruised to create them! ;-) La Petite Soiree is a new concept for London; a Cabaret evening, without the smut, that you can take your kids to. Now THIS is something you need to see, right?

I am pretty sure that none of ourn children can look THAT stunning with a Hula Hoop - amazing stuff from Petite Soiree.

Not sure I can manage to look this stunning with a Hula Hoop; might need to work on those abs ;-)

La Soirée and La Petite Soirée are shows that are being presented by Brett Haylock, Mark Rubinstein and Mick Perrin at the London Aldwych Theatre. The family show is a totally new concept and is being billed as:

“All of the spirit of La Soiree, minus the sauce.”

The adult show is strictly for age 17+, due to nudity and a little bit risque content, but its family friendly sister show, La Petite Soiree brings the spirit of cabaret to a younger audience, without being too smutty. It is billed as being for audiences of 8+, and our little audience really can’t wait to see it!

It is worth noting that children under the age of 5 will be admitted only at the management’s discretion. We are hoping that this is because there is a little harmless “rudeness” in the show – perfect for the school boy humour fan! ;-)

This isn't the harmless rudeness for school boys - this is just stunning skill from the La Petite Soiree performers.

No smut in this shot though – just amazing skills.

Because of shows like Britain’s Got Talent, variety performers are much more interesting to the average eight year old than they used to be, and this show has a number of excellent performers involved including:

  • Hula-hoop – ers; is that even a thing?
  • Gymnastics, performing hand to hand strength and other amazing feats,
  • Magic tricks, and
  • Physical comedy to have your kids in stitches (we hope!).

Tickets start at £15 in the stalls, rising to around £80 for the posh seat, which include tables, and will be allocated on the night.

We have to be honest that we don’t quite know what to expect, but that is half the joy – the anticipation of the un-known. However, it is pretty clear from the promotional material and the stunning shots of the show, that we can’t fail to enjoy it, and neither could you! Why not check it out and book for yourself?

Some of the acrobats at Petite Soiree in London are just breath-taking.

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