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Reading, D’s way

Reading is something we all take for granted, I can remember immersing myself in the bookshelves at my grandparents and really looking forward to staying with them because it meant access to their vast collection of books. We’ve been very lucky that T took to reading very quickly, phonetically, whilst with D it took a […]

by Jeanette AM • July 18, 2014
Special Needs

Tips for preparing your special needs child for school

  Now that we’ve successfully received a place for T after going through the appeal process, it’s time to think about September and preparing for secondary school.  It’s taken me back to his and D’s first days at primary school, time has positively whizzed by. For every parent, especially those of a SN child, their […]

by Jeanette AM • June 20, 2014
Special Needs

Stop The World, I Want……A Cuddle

I’ve been feeling a little (ok, well rather a lot!) “aaaaaargh!” this week. Not only due we have a series of meetings in a few weeks regarding appealing T’s secondary school place (this particular school operate their own system separately from the LEA), but there’s the phone calls awaited for D’s monthly injection next week […]

by Jeanette AM • May 23, 2014
inner demons
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Battling the inner demons and trying to put them to rest

  We all have our inner demons, happenings that have shaped the way we are, the way we interact, the way we allow others to see ourselves. It’s whether we choose to let them in. Growing up in an extremely dysfunctional environment (my parents divorced bitterly when I was 9, the family home was sold […]

by Jeanette AM • May 9, 2014
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It’s the little things: D’s Buggy Buddy

Sometimes T and D amaze me. My pair of (autistic) pickles who remind me of Tom and Jerry, they will frequently spar and get on each others’ nerves, partly due to their autism and differing intellectual levels. Tween hormones playing a part too. But sometimes they make each other smile, recently we had one of […]

by Jeanette AM • March 28, 2014
managing aspergers
Special Needs

Managing Aspergers – 8 top tips to help your child cope with new situations

  New situations are difficult for all children, let alone those who are on the Autistic spectrum. I have come up with some tips that I hope will benefit parents out there and help their children cope in new situations. I am a parent with a son who has a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and […]

by Charlotte Olson • March 14, 2014
Special Needs

Changes to a T

I don’t often write in detail about T, our 11 year old high functioning autistic son. Not that I don’t love him as much as D, of course I do and more.  He’s our first child together, our little man who can change his moods like the winds (and there’s been a lot of that […]

by Jeanette AM • February 28, 2014
unexpected item in bagging area
Special Needs

The small things: Unexpected Item In Bagging Area – please remove this item…

Sometimes the small things can turn our day from a potentially “bad” one into a good one. I try to remember these little snippets whenever the metaphorical cloak of autism and its related anxieties swoop over D, like they have today. Here is one such snippet, which has made her laugh today and they’re useful […]

by Jeanette AM • January 24, 2014
letting the mask slip
Special Needs

Letting the Mask Slip – Dealing with #specialneeds

From the age of about 12 years old, I’ve worn a “mask”, initially influenced by peer pressure, music and people in the public eye. Every day, without fail, the mask goes on – the mascara, the eye liner, the lipstick. Concealer too but not foundation so the “mask” has never been a thick one. When […]

by Jeanette AM • December 6, 2013
preparing for Christmas
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Preparing for Christmas – the Big Build Up

I love this time of year, the build up to Christmas.  Mid November and the shops aren’t too busy (yet) and there’s a chance that I’ll be able to get the presents that I need to, before the panic-buying sets in. We always make sure we visit John Lewis too, not so much for the […]

by Jeanette AM • November 15, 2013