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Stop The World, I Want……A Cuddle

I’ve been feeling a little (ok, well rather a lot!) “aaaaaargh!” this week.

Not only due we have a series of meetings in a few weeks regarding appealing T’s secondary school place (this particular school operate their own system separately from the LEA), but there’s the phone calls awaited for D’s monthly injection next week and our ongoing liaison with CAMHS over D’s anxieties.  Then I got a letter calling me to jury service!  Part of me really wants to do it and get it done on the date given but realistically I need to try and defer because we have just too much going on.

It’s also been D’s birthday

this week and she’s really, really looking forward to her party.  We’ve been counting down the “sleeps” and she is so excited.  We had absolutely years of her not recognising birthdays as being a special day so her enthusiasm is just wonderful.

Happy birthday D

I had the most bizarre dream last night, I’ve been debating whether to go to a blogger conference, weighing up the benefits for me personally as opposed to the time away from home and the implications.  Still undecided.  My dream consisted of the conference being held on an island and delegates had to make their own way across the water, whether by building a raft or swimming in shark-infested water.  It was all a bit strange and probably extremely symbolic.

I was waking up from it this morning, wondering what on earth that was all about when a warm, snuggly D climbed in, gave me a cuddle and went back to sleep.

Nothing like a cuddle to make you appreciate what you have.

Sometimes I feel like a brand but I'm me, a commuting career woman in a previous "life", now a stay-at-home Mumma to two wonderful children, who just happen to have autism too. One at each end of the spectrum, one diagnosed at 4.5 years old and the other, very recently at 10.5 years. I blog to raise awareness and acceptance of autism for them and everyone connected with the autistic spectrum (there's an ever-growing number of us!) Very humbled to have been shortlisted in the Brilliance In Blogging awards for my website. That would be me, @AutismMumma aka Jeannette

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