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Shelf Care giveaways

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Every month we are running exclusive giveaways for our Shelf Care members. Here are the T&Cs for our current competitions:

Shelf Care online kids book club T&Cs:

  • The book club books from Quarto Kids are provided to ten UK only members randomly as chosen from our email addresses on the 5th of the month at midnight,
  • Books are chosen by KiddyCharts, and there are no alternatives,
  • Members must provide names, addresses, children’s ages, and mobile phone numbers in order to receive the book,
  • We trust that members will share their books with the hashtag #KiddyChartsShelfCare after they get them too to spread the word about the club!

March giveaways with the Shelf Care club

For March we have two giveaways running, the Readly giveaway (see below), and a giveaways with LEGO. Our usual T&Cs apply with the following additional information:

LEGO build challenge giveaway

We are giving away THREE boxes of 90 Years of Play classic LEGO to three lucky winners in March 2023. In order to win, you:

  • Need to be a member of the KiddyCharts Shelf Care book club on the 5th Apr at 11.59pm,
  • Need to build your version of the Tower using the LEGO that you have at school or at home,
  • Need to have shared this build using the #KiddyChartsShelfCare hashtag between 12.01am on Mar 6th to Apr 5th 11.59pm on one of your social channels,
  • Social channels to be tracked are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok,
  • Shares need to be visiblle on our Brand24 listening software. If they are not tracked within this (for example are not public posts), they do not count,
  • Our decision on valid entries and the winners is final,
  • There are no cash alternatives,
  • No more than 3 entries per social account,
  • To win, all social accounts must provide the email address they are a member of the club on within the qualifying period. If this is not done, all entries from that account are invalid,
  • New social accounts (set up within 2023 are classed as new) are not counted (to prevent spamming),
  • Winners will be announced on this page within 2 weeks of the 5th April, 2023,
  • This is a GLOBAL giveaway, with KiddyCharts providing the LEGO, so please allow 45 days for delivery, and
  • If there are not enough members at the closing date for unique winners to win this, and the other giveaways (Mar), prizes will roll on to the next month (Apr).

The prize is the following:

Readly annual subscriptions T&Cs (from 6th Apr 2023):

  • 8 winners (Apr, May, Jun, July 2023), and 9 winners (Aug and Sept), are being picked every month at midnight on the 6th of the month,
  • Winners are chosen randomly from those who are members of the Shelf Care book club at the time of the draw,
  • Members will win an annual subscription to the Readly magazine app,
  • Members are to be emailed to let them know, if they don’t take up the prize within a week, another winner will be picked,
  • Winners will be announced on the Shelf Care page on KiddyCharts,
  • There are no cash alternatives, and the promoters (KiddyCharts and Readly) will not enter into correspondence with the winners,
  • If there are not enough members at the closing date for unique winners to win this, and the other giveaways (apr), prizes will roll on to the next month (May).

Past winners of the competitions within Shelf Care are listed here:

  • February 2023:
    Playmobil: Pauline Armstrong, Christina Wadeley, Michaela Berecka, David Wise, James Negus, Stephanie Maddock, Jacquelyn Remulla, Deepa Shastri, Lyndsey Stephens and Alannah Martin.
    LEGO: No entries
    Books for Our Tower: Kirsty Charleston, Edwin Fiott, Michaela Berecka, Pauline Wagon, Elizabeth Iroajanma, James Negus, Mandeesh Gill, Claire Lyons, Elizabeth Priest and Krishma Laxhman.
  • March 2023: To be drawn notified in April 2023

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