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Little Star Presents: Lexon Laptop Bag Review

Lexon Laptop bagGifts With Style ( is a contemporary gift website overflowing with everything from jewelry and watches, to homeware and things for the office. It’s all very sleek and stylish. They are also the UK stockist for Lexon Design. Lexon are a french award winning company who have a selection of designers from all over the world, from different backgrounds resulting in a diverse range of just about anything you could imagine! Such a choice…

Now, my husband Mr D was in need of a gift with style, he does a fair amount of travelling for work, conferences, meeting customers, that kind of thing, and for a while now we have been on the look out for a smart new bag for his laptop to take on overnight trips and aid the lugging around of all his equipment..

What is it?

The Lexon laptop bag is a sophisticated looking 17″ case, with a large capacity – spacious enough to fit Mr D’s brick of a computer, with many many (9!) internal compartments for all his terribly important bits of paper, notepads, pens, sandwiches, toothbrush, pants….and whatever else he may need on one of his trips away! It’s minimal in design, really doing a good job at fulfilling the ‘sleek’ and ‘stylish’ criteria. A bonus feature being that it is made from a PVC free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable microfibre. Eco-friendly and very lightweight yet sturdy!

What did he think?

The first thing Mr D said as he took it out the box was ‘..looks good, but it’s not going to fit my laptop in it..’ so I challenged him to try. This little bag surprised us with its Tardis qualities as Mr D kept finding more nooks and crannies to fit his wires, power pack and other essentials. We were impressed that it all could fit, and even full the case stayed slim and compact. Obviously good looks go along way but more importantly it is essential to have something simple and practical. The fact that is waterproof didn’t go unnoticed, nor did the rubber feet to protect when you put it down, & padding on the back so well protected. It’s the little things! Having made use of it for a week or so now Mr D is happy, he has declared it a definite improvement on his old bag!

Value for money?

Gifts With Style sell this case for £50.  I don’t think we would have looked for a case in this price range, probably a little over budget for us. But now having seen it and test run it I think maybe it’s worth the price tag. I can’t see it falling apart anytime soon, it’s not going to get scuffed up – it seems a tough..and stylish..little cookie.

Overall 9/10

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Saturday 11th of October 2014

Looks good. What's the size of this laptop bag ? any idea?

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