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Tesco Christmas Decoration Review

christmas decoration


As we entered the festive season I dreaded going up in to the loft to retrieve the battered old box of Christmas decorations. I’ve never really embraced Christmas and it’s only since we’ve had the babies that I’ve felt I should make a bit more effort. I’ve gradually been picking up the odd decoration here and there, and of course relying on the boys to get creative at various playgroups to provide the odd home-made decoration. But still I struggle to stretch a pitiful selection around the house – Christmas usually only comes to the sitting-room! Thankfully Tesco sent us a £20 voucher to spend exclusively on decorations…this year there’s no excuse!

What did we do?

Because our local Tesco store isn’t particularly large we headed down the road to Haverhill. For a big store there wasn’t quite as much choice as I’d hoped for but it was still enough for us to spend quite some time perusing. I hadn’t thought £20 was going to go far so I was surprised by how many reductions and offers Tesco already going on. Quite a lot of what we bought was on 3for2 and other bits were reduced – I don’t think we paid full price for much!

What did we get?

Well! What didn’t we get?!!…

Padded Robin Felt Heart £1.50

Gingerbread Man £1

Squirrel £1.50

The kids choice! There was a whole array of hanging decorations to suit whichever Christmassy theme you are planning to follow. We let the boys choose one decoration each which is why our ‘theme’ is somewhat higgldy-piggldy! Allowing them to have some in-put is all part of the fun, and with the 3for2 deal it didn’t even take a chunk out of our budget. To be fair Happiness was slightly influenced with me dangling a cute padded heart at him, Roo chose a sweet padded gingerbread man ‘like in the story’. And Bean selected a bristly skiing squirrel…well we think it’s a squirrel..perhaps not the most traditional choice, but hey…! They were over the moon with their selections and keen to give them pride of place.

Reindeer Design Pillar Candle £3.50

Hanging Hearts Garland £1.50

Ho Ho Ho Ornament £3.50

christmas decorationMummy’s choice! I seem to gravitate towards the lovely scandi design things – the red and white reindeer design encompasses a traditional cosy white christmas and looks so pretty. I thought the candle was very good value and a nice size  – I probably won’t actually burn it, that would ruin it! but it’s an easy thing to place as decoration. The hanging heats garland also fitted in with the scandi theme, lovely and simple but effective. It is just made of paper though, which wasn’t a problem until it caught the eye of Happiness who liked the way it dangled….it tore straight away unfortunately, but I soon patched it up and learnt my lesson that nothing can be in his reach!

The Ho Ho Ho ornament was probably my best buy. It’s a really bold, fun decoration, big and sturdy too. I love the way it looks and is really set off with a few bits of tinsel near by.

100 Indoor Fairy Lights (Coloured) £6

Daddy’s choice! He had to be restrained from going too mad on lights (what is it with blokes with lights??) and we compromised on these ones but there was so much choice and all different types. To be fair these are lovely bright, colourful fairy lights that do the job beautifully on our little tree, and such good value.

Green and Red Paperchain

Festive Colour-in Table Cover 

Some little extras. Paperchains are a must at this time of year and I chucked them in the trolley without too much thought. I really like the green tree and red reindeer scandi design. When we got them out to get making I was actually really impressed. They are shiny card making them a little more robust and so doesn’t tear with over enthusiastic little hands grabbing at them, and there was no messing around with pritt stick as they just slot together – easy enough for a 5 year old to manage, and quick enough for him not to get bored and stroll off before its finished!

The table cloth is a fab idea. Covered in loads of festive pics ready to be coloured in. Ideal for the family Christmas party when the kids are expected to sit for hours on end whilst we plough through our tasty chritmas dinner. This will keep everyone occupied and it’s fun too!

What did we think?

The whole task was made slightly more complicated than it needed to be by our sheer indecisiveness!! So much choice! It would have been easy to just keep on going and blow the budget, all of it good value. Quality may not be top of the range and a lot of it is disposable but that’s fine by me as my taste changes frequently. None the less amongst it we have a few pieces that will come out again in years to come.

Overall 8/10

We were sent a voucher to buy items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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