We have had an amazing time with poems this holiday, and all thanks to the wonderful book by Michael Rosen, Even my Ears are Smiling.

The kids have laughed, Dad has been jumped on (thanks to the wonderful poem, Dads in Bed), and most importantly as its been Easter, we have been able to entertain the children with the poems as some are short enough to remember, or to read to them when things get that little bit too chaotic.

I have rarely seen a poetry book capture their imagination so much.

My eldest, who has already announced she would like to be an illustrator when she grows up, now has said:

“I want to be a poet”

However, I suspect that few are able to string a few rhymes together with the same ability as Mr. Rosen.

So this book is a massive hit, a ten out of ten, and we have a video to prove it as well!

This post contains affiliate links, but we bought the book ourselves!



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