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Little Star presents…Funky Watch lunch box review

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Funky Watch review: Lunch bagsWe were lucky enough to be asked to review some items from the extremely cool Funky Watch website; which offers gifts an accessories for kids. Stuntboy and Chatterbox just so happened to both like the lunch boxes in the site, so tea for two it was…

Design and value

The designs for these are lovely. Knights for a boy and cupcakes for the girl – and I know that’s stereotyped, but its what my little ones wanted. It was lovely to be able to choose original designs rather than something that was branded with an annoying princess, or a slightly deranged superhero. I get enough deranged-ness from the kids.

The price of the lunch boxes are a little more than I would have expected for un-branded goods without a beaker, or sandwich boxes included.

Funky Watch review: Stuntboy with his lunch bag

Funky Watch review: Stuntboy with his lunch bag

What do the kids think?

They loved them as soon as they arrived. My son immediately transferred all his beakers and sandwiches boxes from his old one, with great excitement. Knights eat sandwiches after all, you see.

What does mummy think?

Practically, these are good. They are wipe clean – rather important for lunches, and very solid. They do come flat packed and have yet to take their proper shape, but that’s not a major problem. The main downside is that, as with most lunch bags, there is a rim on the inside around the edge. This is where all left over food goes to die; so you have to be careful you clean in all the nooks and crannies.

What they lack in terms of sneaky places for your food to hide, the lunch boxes make up by being sturdy. Their handles in particular seem to survive a lot of swinging about well. Not from me you understand…

Overall 8/10

We liked these. The kids love them, and with a couple of provisos, so do us parents.

We were sent the product for review for free, all opinions are our own though.

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