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Heat Holders Review

heat holdersWhen asked to review these socks I was pleased as my feet are always cold! I work as a courier and have a dog to walk so with the cold weather upon us anything for a bit of extra warmth would be gratefully received.

First impressions

On receipt they were a lovely bright pink colour and I was eager to try them out. I slipped my feet in and it was like slipping them into a thick sheepskin rug!  They are amazingly warm and snugly! I wore them all evening and they kept my feet very warm and toasty. I was very keen to wear them to work as my toes are always freezing!  Next day I put them on to go to work but was so disappointed as they were too thick and my feet would not fit in my trainers however hard I tried! I then figured they’d still be great for dog walking but again I couldn’t fit my feet into my wellies.

Overall impression

I love these socks in place of slippers and I do find that they keep my feet so warm that I’m not always switching the heating up as usual when I’m wearing them. Still disappointed that I can’t fit my feet in my trainers with them on as would so love to wear these for work. Maybe I’ll have to buy a larger pair of trainers that these will fit in!

Would I recommend these to a friend

Yes I would definitely recommend these socks, they are like having a thick blanket wrapped round your feet. Perfect for these winter evenings.

Marks out of 10

I’d give these 8/10, would be 10 if I could fit my shoes on while wearing them!


We were sent these for the purporse of review, and this post also contains an affiliate link. All opinions are our own.

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