Boogie in the bathroom with this waterproof portable speaker from Panasonic!

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Bathtime in our house is chaotic; in fact, show me a parent that says bathtime is bliss, and I’ll show you someone who is prone to porkies about their parenting skills….

Water everywhere, bubbles in your hair, and soggy towels and iPad disasters are how bathtime goes in our house…which is why when I was given the chance to review a waterpoof wireless, multi-room speaker from Panasonic – I thought..yep, I’m in.

What is the Panasonic waterproof portable speaker?

This speaker is designed with family bathtime in mind. It’s portable, and can withstand the splashing that is caused by over exuberant use of your bath toys with the kids in the evening.

Our panasonic waterproof portable speakers mean we can practise our drumming in the bath!

We love a bit of music both in the bath…

…and in the bathroom.

loving the look of the panasonic waterproof speakers

We have previously had to use my iPhone or iPad, and its rather worrying having something so delicate, and so easily damaged by water, in the bathroom with you at one of the most challenging times of the day.

The SC-ALL05 Panasonic speaker means you can have your music with you in the bathroom, but your device out of harms way. It connects wirelessly to the music you have, using the Panasonic Music Streaming App, which is available for both iOS and Android.

In order to use the Panasonic waterproof portable speakers you just need to download the associated app.

You need to connect the speaker to your wireless network, download the app, and you are away.

The package comes with information on Spotify too, the free music streaming service, so that if you need tunes, you’ve got easy access.

If you are an Apple family, as we are, you can connect the speakers using Bluetooth to your device, so you can use Apple Music instead of the Panasonic App. This enables you to access all the music you have in your Apple account, including your playlists, and downloaded albums.

As you can see, the speaker is beautiful, and would grace any bathroom windowsill. Even our toothbrush timer, Mr Gingerbread Man, likes it…

Panasonic waterproof portable speakers - in its place!

The set up takes about five minutes, and even someone with limited understanding of wireless shouldn’t have too much difficulty in getting things ready thanks to the quick start instructions that come with the speakers.

What did we think of the Panasonic Waterpoof portable speaker?

Our family is very musical – in fact, the boy recently appeared at the O2 with nearly 7,500 other children singing his heart out.

If you are singing in the bath, then splashing are a must.

This set of speakers means that my little drummer boy and his sister are able to be as enthusiastic about their music in the bath as they are in any other room in the house, without the fear that they are going to do some serious damage to the DJ equipment!

Just as important is that the speakers “look cool.” This is obviously less critical if you have younger children, but just because you are putting the speaker in the bathroom, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, right?

The set up process is so straight-forward, my son was able to help me with it. He’s nine; so that’s a win.

The main criticism we have for the speaker is that we could not get the Apple Music app on my iPhone to work with the Panasonic app – they seemed to us to be incompatible. If they do work together, then it isn’t obvious to the layman, or woman in my case, how to get it sorted.

Despite this challenge, we loved them overall. Even if you were silly enough to knock your speaker down the toilet, it’s going to survive – it is waterproof up to a metre. No one has a toilet that deep. No one.

Overall – 9/10

Sleek. Sexy. Soakable. Not three words I would generally put together, but they describe the Panasonic speaker rather well. We love it. Pop on a few kids songs, and you’ll be singing three little fishes with your baby in the bath, and then bashing out the drum and guitar solo in your favourite rock track before you know it.

I love how having this speaker in our bathroom is helping me to re-introduce and re-connect with my kids after a long hard day. We’ve been playing games with the music; I pick a track, and they guess it. Or I introduce them to a new, “old” artist.

Who would have thought it would be possible to share your love for Guns N’ Roses with your kids while they are getting scrubbed down in the bath after a football match – but now you can, thanks to Panasonic.

Note: I have been provided with the speaker for the purpose of this review. All opinions, photos and terrible music taste are my very own. This post contains affiliate links.

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