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Your elf on the shelf Christmas Countdown chart

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Your Elf on the Shelf Christmas Countdown Chart for Kids to Colour in


Did you enjoy all the wonderful free Christmas colouring printables that we have been giving away for you to print and kids to colour over the past 12 days? Did I hear you say yes? Wonderful! Well the fun is certainly not over jet as we have something extra special to share with you all today!

We have our free Elf on the shelf Christmas Countdown chart printable for you to download and print. This one includes elements that you have been seeing on some of the colouring pages we shared during the series. Like the previously mentioned lovely Elf on the shelf, the warm fire place with Christmas stockings, the delicious looking pud and more, along with some brand new things to color in.

This one has quite a bit more detail than others which we have shared in our printable series had. That is why it should take your kids a little longers to colour them all in, which certainly makes these perfect to give to your little ones if you need extra free time to get that something extra done or just want to have some time by yourself, maybe to eat some delicious Christmas treats.

You can have the kids colour only one of Santa’s footprints each day, getting them one step closer to Christmas every footprint they colour (or any other day or achievement they are getting to). They are going to have so much fun. You can even make things more fun by adding a sticker for them to use each day instead of colouring the footprints, letting them colour all other parts of this free printable.

So without further ado, here is the Elf on the shelf Christmas Countdown chart printable for your little ones to enjoy and colour in.

Christmas countdown

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