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What’s your mermaid name

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We have a fun new printable for you today to get your kids having some mermaid fun. What’s your mermaid name, is a fun and free printable for you to download and have for when your kids are up for some imaginative role play. Whether they play on their own, amongst siblings, or with their friends this printable is a lot of fun.

What's your mermaid name

So, what does the printable look like? Let’s take a look.

What's your mermaid name A to Z

It’s so simple! All you need to do is take the first letter of your name, and then add the month you were born. The combination is your mermaid name!

As you can see, this printable is so cute and it’s also a great activity for your kids to get into imaginative role play. Imaginative role play is such a wonderful way for kids to learn. Though imaginative play usually entails kids role-playing what they see in real life, it is also great to allow them to enact things that they couldn’t do but see in fiction, such as saving the world as a superhero or being a mermaid.

What are the benefits of imaginative role play?

Imaginative role play has many benefits, some of them include improvement in their language skills, development of social skills, and the development of critical thinking. Another great benefit is that it keeps kids active and is a great way to incorporate physical activity to your kids days.

How can you use the printable? Here are some ideas:

  • use it as a rainy day activity,
  • print out as a birthday party activity,
  • play among siblings,
  • make this an activity for online play dates, and,
  • use this as a way to have some one on one time with your child and play.

As you can see, the opportunities are endless. Now it’s time for you to use your imagination and come up with ideas and ways to use this lovely printable!

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What's your mermaid name by the year you were born

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We hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a lot of fun using this beautiful sheet with your kids.

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