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Do you want to help your kids understand what scientists do all day? This little activity sheet will help you explain each of the various scientific positions held by people in our world. This activity sheet is a companion to the What do Scientists Do All Day book from Quarto Publishing. This is a gorgeous book that helps your children get to know the amazingly diverse range of roles that scientists can take on in the world today. There are over 100 different jobs illustrated beautifully in the book.

Your kids will be guided to learn more about what an oceanographer, doctor, pilot astronaut, robotics engineer, and other scientists do all day! Do check out some of the other Quarto downloadable resources for home learning too.

What jobs in science are there?

What do Scientists Do All Day Activity

This is a fabulous activity to help encourage kids to have an interest in an industry that will continuously grow from an early age.

Whether your kids opt to be a robotics engineer, astronaut, or something else, this activity sheet will help them learn more about the industry of science and jobs they could seek to hold when they’re adults.

What do scientists do?

What do Scientists Do

Even more important than this, it is helping your children to imagine themselves within these positions and to learn to dream a little.

Using this activity sheet, you can have your kids read about each scientists position and then draw themselves as a scientist.

The sheet gives some guidance with questions to help your kids think about this decision as part of this STEM activity.

What do scientists do all day?

If you do want a little more information, then do get the book for more discussion points, jobs, and ideas for your children.

As a scientist, I can personally say that finding out about how the world works is one of the most exciting things kids can do!

It is so important to encourage our children to have a broad view of what roles are available to them. Let’s help them nurture a passion for science from an early age, and you never know where it might lead….

To download these activity sheets for your children, just click on the circular image below and the activity sheets on science jobs are yours!

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