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Spelling test for the summer: Free fun for the kids (Time to Pee printable)

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We have another free resource for those that are members of our Time to Pee club; all you need to do is just sign up to get access to this resource offering you a spelling test activity to do either at home or in the classroom. Just print out the summer-themed spelling test activity cards, and give it a go with the kids. This is designed to make spelling tests a little more fun for the kids, and is completely free to do, so why not download it today, and have a little fun with the kids?

And if it isn’t summer – perhaps you can use the spelling test to help you and your kids to dream of the beach! You can download this by registering with Time to Pee on our membership site.

Spelling test for kids: A fun way to practice language

This spelling test is a fun way to practice the language arts, while also having an educational purpose. The test is given to kids as a way of working out their spelling abilities and helping them learn how to spell new words.

Spelling tests are usually given during the first few days of school and throughout the school year as a quick check for understanding.

They could also be used for more formal assessments in order to measure student progress over time. This activity helps kids improve their vocabulary and ensures that they are learning all the basics of reading, writing, and understanding words so that they can grow in their education. This particular spelling test focuses on summer vocabulary to help kids with a fun theme.

Best ways to use a spelling test in the classroom or at home

While we may think of a spelling test at home or in class as a way to assess what kids know, it also has the potential to teach students how to spell words as well.

For example, if a child knows what the word is, but they cannot spell it, teachers / parents can gently suggest that they imagine the word in their head and write it out. This means that spelling tests are not just about assessing what knowledge children have acquired from their education. They are also about teaching them new skills and encouraging development of language, and visualisation.

Here are some ideas for using these summer spelling test activity sheets, but do feel free to use them as you want – they are after all, yours to work with as you choose either at home or in the classroom:

  1. Introduce your kids first to the spelling words, have them say them aloud and write them down on paper or plain board.
  2. Take a couple of minutes for each word, and ask your kids questions about the word such as “What is the first letter?”
  3. Give your child a chance to spell it out loud, you can shout out possible letter choices if he is struggling too much.
  4. Repeat these steps until all words are spelled correctly

What do these free spelling test summer activity sheets look like?

We have a few words for you on these sheets. The words included within the sheets are:

  • Beach ball,
  • Watermelon,
  • Seashell,
  • Swimsuit,
  • Ice cream,
  • Coconut,
  • Sailboat,
  • Sun,
  • Wave,
  • Snorkel,
  • Popsicle (for our US audience),
  • Umbrella (for our UK audience 🤣,
  • Lemonade,
  • Surfboard,
  • Lifesaver,
  • Bicycle,
  • Pool,
  • Starfish,
  • Bucket, and
  • Sunglasses.

Here are a few samples of the spelling test cards for you:

These are really easy to download this – just click on the circular image below and register with the Time to Pee club for free, and get it from the My Membership area. Simple.

We think this is a great activity for you to do to improve literacy in your kids. We have a few other summer activity printables you can check out if you want, alongside more literacy and phonics activities.

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Summer activity ideas from the Internet

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