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Psychedelic posters and coloring pages for adults and teens

Today we have something amazing for parents, and those perhaps looking for something a little different as a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. We have a set of four psychedelic posters in a retro style. And to make it more KiddyCharts-ish (!), we are not only giving these away for free, but we also have a set of them which we have turned into awesome adult coloring pages psychedelic, retro and fun to color alongside the original posters.

You can either create your own madness with these psychedelic coloring pages, or follow the original bright colors to create a new, original, personalised ideal gift for someone, or just to have a bit of fun. They are also a great activity after a long day at work; we have talked about the benefits of mindfulness for both kids and adults on the site before. This is a great was for you is focus on stress relief for you too. 

This image shows an advertisement for psychedelic coloring pages aimed at teens and adults, available for download, with a sample displayed.

They are great for a teenage room as well! If you don’t fancy spending money on adult coloring books with these types of designs, you don’t have top as ours are completely free. The collection ranges from posters with funky monsters, all with high-quality illustrations, geometric patterns, and other designs inspired by the psychedelic movement.

These are a little different from the Christmas coloring pages for kids that you are perhaps used to us provding, but we thought they would appeal to parents in unique ways, and would also be a great option for older kids.

What do the psychedelic patterns on the posters look like?

The first design in almost taken right out of the wondrous universe of sci-fi literature with a fantastic monster in the mydst of cars, and abstract patterns about to gobble up a highway; stopping everyone on it from getting to their go-to destination! It brings to mind all things science fiction, and should give you hours of coloring enjoyment.

The second design definitely wouldn’t be our of place in a psychedelic coloring book, with a ton of fun to be had coloring in the strange shapes and the pop-out eyes which wouldn’t be out of place in any of the worlds of science fiction. 

The third image has more easy outlines, and brings to mind a dystopian fiction with its strange shapes, and spaces. We think this is a fun, and enjoyable design alongside the above, but our last page is our favorite coloring page because its the most chaotic! We think you will have a great experience coloring these pages – or you can just have a great time working out where to put the posters in your, or your teen’s bedroom 😂

We are sure you will find the right place for them, psychedelic pictures can add fun to any decor – and ours are definitely a talking point, so happy coloring for them all.

Check out the psychedelic enjoyable designs below – before you download them for free:

If you want to download them – its quick delivery, as it is just a click of the button or the image below and they are yours straight away! We are the only place you can get these awesome posters as well, so they are totally unique to us.

We hope you like these rather unique coloring pages, and that you will check out some of the other pages we have on the site for adult coloring. We have a few more complex ones, alongside some that are designed for you to color in with your children. Our wild animals coloring book is just like this which we have published ourselves. Check it out in our shop along with the other coloring ideas we have if you have the time.

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Here are some more adult coloring sheets from KiddyCharts:

Other colouring and eBook resources on KiddyCharts for you and the kids

We LOVE coloring on KiddyCharts, and we do have a whole coloring pages section, so here are some of our favourites from there for you all.

Thanks so much for visiting us as ever, and we’d love to see you again soon.


An advertisement offers free psychedelic coloring pages, targeting teens and adults, with an image of a coffee cup and sample coloring pages.

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