Free printable activities & reward charts

Running out of ideas and activities to do at home with your kids? You’re not alone, and that’s why we’re giving you access to free printable boys and girls reward charts, children games, coloring books, kids activities and more. We want to make sure that you never have to deal with a bored child at home. From BFG activity sheets to coloring pages for kids and adults, we’ve got fun (and free) things to do for the whole family. Just choose an activity below, print it and get started

Rewards for kids: giving a little time goes a long way
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Rewards for kids: Maybe all they want is time?

We often get asked about what rewards are suitable to be used with our reward charts; what rewards for kids do we recommend? So not being one to remain silent, I thought it sensible to write a blog post on it to address this with everyone. Time…. That’s what my kids like the most; granted […]

by Helen • December 3, 2012
Childcare arrangements: does your child cry when you leave them
Free printable activities & reward charts

Childcare: Does your toddler cry when you leave?

Do you leave your toddler with someone else while you just have five minutes to yourself? Does your child cry when you leave them? Are you a working mum? It’s happened to me and its heart-breaking. They reach out to you with their arms as you are leaving, that look in their eyes as if […]

by Helen • October 19, 2012
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Reward charts for kids: Make YOURSELF proud

So whats the point? Do reward charts for kids actually work? You sell them – so why on earth should I bother carrying on reading this…you are BIASED…. But wait, yes I am, but not because I sell them…. ….because they have helped me with my kids, and continue to help my friends too. They have […]

by Helen • September 19, 2012
Mummys not shouting at children reward chart
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Shouting at children: Mummy reward charts – can they help?

I admit I am not a perfect mother, and occasionally I can be found shouting at children; usually they are my own children, which I guess is good, but I would rather not be doing it at all. However, if its been a long, hard day for us all, tempers are frayed and if listening […]

by Helen • August 29, 2012
Does your little one suffer from toddler eczema? We have some wonderful reward charts for kids, including one to help them t stop scratching - check it out, its FREE!
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Toddler Eczema: Using a reward chart to help kids to stop scratching

This is a guest post from Mei, aka MarcieMom, who blogs about child and toddler eczema on Mei has a baby girl with eczema, and is passionate about helping other families with eczema. She leads many eczema initiatives, including a national eczema fund, a support group and illustrates an eczema picture book ‘A to […]

by Guest Blogger • August 17, 2012
Dinosaurs chores for toddlers chart example
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Chores for toddlers: Can they help around the house this summer?

There are kids EVERYWHERE. So, that’s an exaggeration. However, its the summer holidays, and where there were kids at school, there are now kids all around your feet while you try and put stuff in the washing machine, hang things out, cook, clean, and generally prove to the world that you are a domestic god […]

by Helen • August 15, 2012
Progress or Reward Charts new product at KiddyCharts
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FREE Kids Reward Charts Launched; track your children’s progress in whatever you want!

So we launched the rocket at the end of May with our make your own chore charts product. And now we are sending out the probe for further space explorations with another new kids reward charts product. Welcome our track-based kids reward charts to the world! This time, it’s a bit more versatile allowing you to demonstrate easily […]

by Helen • July 20, 2012
Free printable activities & reward charts

Survive the Summer Holidays Checklist for Parents

Just as a bit of fun, we have put together a little summer holidays checklist for all you parents out there, particularly those that will be trying to juggle work and family in the holidays. Try and do all of this, and you might just stay sane over the 6 – 8 weeks the kids […]

by Helen • July 19, 2012
Top five tips for making sticker charts work
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Sticker Charts: 5 top tips to make your sticker charts work

So you’ve got your very own sticker chart from our site. But what do you do now! I am sure you may even have tried the charts with your little one before. I often hear: “Stickers charts don’t work with my kids.”   I tried them for a week but my kids got bored.” There […]

by Helen • July 2, 2012
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How to stop thumb sucking with a sticker chart; the Stuntboy way…

My little boy has sucked his thumb since he was 6 weeks old…as you can see its his thang and I have always thought it looked rather cute. I haven’t really wanted him to stop thumb sucking, well because it looked so cute… Stuntboy had reflux as a baby and the sucking seemed to soothe […]

by Helen • June 27, 2012