Free printable activities & reward charts

Running out of ideas and activities to do at home with your kids? You’re not alone, and that’s why we’re giving you access to free printable boys and girls reward charts, children games, coloring books, kids activities and more. We want to make sure that you never have to deal with a bored child at home. From BFG activity sheets to coloring pages for kids and adults, we’ve got fun (and free) things to do for the whole family. Just choose an activity below, print it and get started

Behavior Charts Checklist
Free printable activities & reward charts

Five top tips on when to start using behavior charts? (Checklist)

Its often difficult to work out when your child is going to find behavior charts fun to work with, or YOU will find that they work for you. What you don’t want is: Your little one to take off all the stickers and put them on in one go Not understand that there is something […]

by Helen • August 29, 2013
Free Dinosaur coloring pages: Roar!
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Free Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Let the T-Rex in you out!

Dinosaurs are a big hit in our house, we love Pinkoddy, and her wonderful dinosaur obsession over on her blog, not the mention the wonderful post on creating that perfect dinosaur party. We thought we would add to the dinosaur menagerie by allowing the KiddyCharts own dinosaur to be let lose on proceedings! Here he […]

by Helen • August 27, 2013
free-ballerina coloring pages
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Free ballerina coloring pages: Give us a twirl!

We have a fair few girlie designs in our reward charts repertoire, but none more so than the delightfully pink Ballerina in the first background that we had designed. Because we love her so much, we thought we would get some ballerina coloring pages sorted out for you… She is really quite a delight, so […]

by Helen • August 14, 2013
Monkey Coloring Pages: Free from on of our charts
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Monkey coloring pages: A monkey for your monkey

We have a lovely Jungle reward chart in our collection of backgrounds for our lovely personalised charts, but it appears that we haven’t been looking after the characters on them properly…the monkey has escaped by swinging out of the trees and onto the pooter! So we are now offering you monkey coloring pages to add to […]

by Helen • July 24, 2013
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Car coloring pages: I like driving in my car…

Ah those heady days of the 80s, with Madness and their lovely ditty…and now in these heady 10s, we present…… *Klaxon* Not Madness driving in their car, but little star with his very own car coloring pages! Our little star likes his car almost as much as Suggs, and now you and the kids can […]

by Helen • July 4, 2013
Reward Charts

Good rewards for kids: 17 top reward ideas FOR kids BY kids!

What makes good rewards for kids when you are using one of our progress charts or reward charts? I have written about what rewards you can choose for your reward charts in the past – and what often works well is doing something that gives your kids a little bit of one-to-one time. Anything from […]

by Helen • June 28, 2013
Princess free colouring pages: KiddyCharts own little girlie
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Princess colouring: Get your own little lady to colour in

We have a couple of chart designs for little princesses here at KiddyCharts; but now we are letting our own little princess loose so you can colour her in – so are you up for a bit of princess colouring with your kiddies? She really is rather cute, holding her little flower, and looking like […]

by Helen • June 14, 2013
Free castle colouring page
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Castle colouring pages: Princess castle

We have another little treat for you, in our series of free colouring pages on the blog, we are unleasing another one for you. This time its the beautiful princess’ castle that features both on our reward charts and progress charts. Which little princess, or prince, would love to colour this in, and perhaps even […]

by Helen • June 7, 2013
Prince Frog Coloring Pages
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Free frog coloring page – it’s a prince baby!

My son has a little soft cuddly frog, so when we were designing the backgrounds for all our personalised kids charts there had to be a picture of a froggy in there somewhere…and there is, on our princess chart background. We have taken that frog out of his home with the princess, and now we […]

by Helen • May 8, 2013
Free star colouring pages: Little Star
Free Coloring Pages for Kids

KiddyCharts printables: Star colouring pages

We have been busy here at KiddyCharts towers. We are going to be bringing you some interesting star colouring pages, starting off with this little beauty! Over the next few weeks we will be unleashing on an unsuspecting world some of this lovely graphics from our site for your little ones to colour in, scribble […]

by Helen • April 29, 2013