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How to make paper aeroplanes printables for FREE flying fun time!

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If you need something to keep the kids busy during half-term we’ve got just the thing for you; we’ve really enjoyed the movie Paper Planes and now we’re sharing four awesome make paper aeroplanes tutorials for you to fold your own!

young boy with paper plane against blue sky

You can easily plan a whole day around this one. First, you can watch the movie and then you can have the whole family make paper aeroplanes and fold these planes and finish it of with all kinds of races. Whose will fly the highest? Whose the furthest?

The Classic Dart this one is inspired by the classic paper plane with a simple difference that will make it look even fancier.

The Manta Ray; don’t you just love this one? Look how unique it looks and just wait until you try to fly this one!

The Defier! I just love the name of this one. The Defier just sounds so fierce doesn’t it? And with it’s unusual shape it look that way too. Fun to fold and even more fun to fly!

The Raptor; another one with a fierce name and a pretty sleek look.

There we have it a whole lot of fancy aeroplanes to fold. Be sure to pin these so you can fold them at any time and do check out our KiddyCharts Free Printables Pinterest board for more fun printable activities.

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Which paper aeroplane do you like the most? I think that my son’s favourite is the Raptor, but that is probably because he is just a little bit dinosaur mad….

Enjoy, and do share with us below in the comments how you get on as well.

Four designs to choose from; the raptor, the deifer, the manta ray and the dart. A paper aroeplace for everyone. Why not down the how tos and make one now?

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