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Free reading worksheets to motivate young readers

We have an absolute treat for you this week, free reading worksheets for parents and teachers alike, as well as lesson plans for an engaging wee book Hattie Peck from the Story Station site which supplies amazing free software for schools.

Hattie Peck is a charming tale about a chicken that really, really wanted an egg. We provide some wonderful free reading worksheets, and activity sheets, as well as lesson plans for the book for free. There are 17 free sheets, including lesson plans. Check out the Story Station website, and our blog for more free resources too.

This book tells the charming tale of a chicken called Hattie Peck, who loves eggs of all shapes and sizes, and she really wants an egg of her own. She leaves the safety of her coop, and goes on an adventure to find all the lost eggs in the world; but what is going to happen when they hatch?

We have 13 activity sheets, and 4 lesson plans for the EYFS and Key Stage 1 curriculum; and all designed to motivate those younger readers.

The activity sheets include:

  • Animal babies 1 and 2; pair the parents to their little ones,
  • Book review form,
  • Making choices, and why we make them,
  • Survey worksheet on egg-citing foods,
  • A family tree,
  • Farm talk discussion sheet,
  • Matching farmyard families,
  • Writing a news report for Farmyard News,
  • Mapping out the story using pictures, and sequencing,
  • Drawing and describing Hattie Peck,
  • Size ordering eggs, and
  • Sequencing the story.

Lesson plans for EYFS and Key Stage 1 include:

  • All Families are different,
  • Caring for farm animals,
  • Choices, and
  • Size ordering.

All of these reading worksheets and lesson plans are based on the book, so to be used alongside exploring and reading with the children of course.

We have 17 free sheets in our learning pack to help motivate young readers from pre-school to kindergarten to primary school. 14 activity sheets, and 4 lesson plans, the ideas and activities touch on all areas of the curriculum to help both parents and teachers alike. Visit The Story Station for more great books and ideas to help kids have fun while learning.
Click on the picture to download the Hattie Peck Learning Pack

This document contains all the information, we do have just the Hattie Peck lesson plans too, if you want there too.

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Yogesh Shinde

Saturday 6th of February 2016

Very nice worksheets for children to learn and read.

Richard Willis

Saturday 23rd of January 2016

My kid is addicted to mobile gaming lately. I guess this is what I should give him so he'll be inclined to reading more.

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