Free printables: Now on KiddyCharts

We have taken a new broom to the site, and swept it clean! From now on all our printables will be offered to you for free.

Yes; we now have FREE printables on the site, from free reward charts to free 5 a day charts.

All of them are still personalised; so you can add your own photos, choose your own backgrounds, and even pick a theme that your child likes…but from now on THEY ARE FREE.

Register for the site now and you can print as many or as often as you like. We used to charge £2.99 each, but not a penny anymore…!


We are going to be making a few other changes to the site in the next few weeks as well, so keep an eye of what we are doing. Changes will include:

  • Something exciting for all of you that love our giveaways
  • More free printables on the site generally, as this is where we are moving
  • More craft activities, starting with some wonderful valentines crafts next week, and
  • A new chart to be created in Q1 2014 which I hope will help all those children out there that are going through a tough time.

Shout about this on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else you hang out – just share this blog post on social media using the icons at the top. It couldn’t be simpler. If you are a brand and and want us to create a printable for you, then do contact us.

if you are a parent blogger, then let your readers know; why wouldn’t they want to use our wonderful charts if they like this sort of thing. I don’t think you will fin a better free personalised chart on the web.

And if you are a fan of free printables: we have lots of free coloring pages already, so do take a look at them too.

Happy printing :-D