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Free printable unicorn bunting for a special birthday theme

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Throwing a unicorn birthday is such a fun way to spend time together. Many children love unicorns, they’ve grown in popularity over the years. That’s why we wanted to feature our DIY free printable unicorn bunting for a unicorn party.

We know it is a difficult time at the moment for parties; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate well. And what better than a Unicorn theme? It doesn’t matter how many people you are going to be able to have in the house. If there are unicorns around, it’ll make it better, right?

Below you’ll find the free printable unicorn bunting that you can string along for décor at your child’s unicorn birthday party this year.

free printable unicorn bunting

How do you make unicorn bunting?

It’s simple to make a party bunting for your unicorn birthday party. You’ll need some supplies such as the DIY unicorn bunting template, scissors, printer paper, string or bakers twine, and double-sided sticky tape. You must have the supplies to attach the unicorn bunting printable to your string or bakers twine and perhaps use a ruler to space the unicorn bunting evenly.

You’ll start making your DIY unicorn bunting by printing out the designs using your home printer. Be sure to print all four designs and measure how many buntings you’ll need to decorate your home for the unicorn birthday party event.

Be sure to use cardstock or heavy-duty printer paper when printing your DIY unicorn buntings so they’re strong enough to hold strong during your unicorn birthday party. Cut each DIY unicorn bunting printable image out using scissors.

Measure the string to place each DIY unicorn bunting pieces evenly along your string or bakers twine. Use double-sided sticky tape to adhere the paper bunting to your string.

Once you’ve created a long enough DIY unicorn bunting for your unicorn birthday party it’s time to start hanging the party bunting.

You can use this DIY unicorn bunting to decorate your entire home. Perhaps you’d like to stick to one main room where the children will be enjoying the birthday party? That works too! A family room or dining room comes to mind for the best place to hang for all to enjoy.

How big should a birthday banner be?

The average size of a birthday banner is around 3 feet by 6 feet. This should be ample size to place your DIY unicorn bunting along one wall or hanging above the table that features your unicorn themed birthday cake.

You can download and print as many copies of this DIY unicorn bunting printable as necessary to fit the area that you’re planning to hang your DIY birthday bunting in.

Click this square image to download the file

free printable unicorn bunting

I do hope that you will have great parties with the unicorn theme. Are you looking for more unicorn theme works? Check out our articles related to the theme.

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