FREE kids activity book for the summer: 31 pages of fun! #KiddyChartsSummer

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It has begun! Our summer countdown (with its giveaways) is ON, and we have a wonderful FREE kids summer activity book to give away to you all.

Free. Nada. Zilch.

Grab 31 PAGES of summer activities for the kids - one for every. single. day. in August! #kidsactivities #summer #summerholidays #summercamp #summerfun #kids #ebooks

It is PACKED with wonderful activities for the kids to do – and designed to give them something to entertain them, for a little bit of time, EVERY SINGLE DAY in August.

This is a free kids summer activity book that will, we hope, give you at least 5 minutes of free time every day in August, so you can do what you would like. What will you do with your time?

  • Perhaps you can go to the loo,
  • Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee,
  • Sneak a bag of crisps or an ice cream,
  • Read a book (well a few pages),
  • Download an app on the phone and have a play, or
  • Just sit and BE!

Bet you can come up with some much better ideas of what to do with your free five minutes while the kids activity book keeps them entertained!

To download, just click on the square image below.

Pages from the summer activity book. #KiddyChartsSummer #Summer #KidsActivities

If you are anything like me, you will want to know some of the activities that we have in store for you BEFORE you click, so we have included the following within the book:

  • 1 – Dot to dot,
  • 2 – Dot to dot with numbers,
  • 3 – Spot the differences,
  • 4 – Nature scavenger hunt,
  • 5 – Woodland word search,
  • 6 – Camping crosswords,
  • 7 – Camping I Spy,
  • 8 – Matching animals and tracking,
  • 9 – Woodland counting,
  • 10 – Shells colour by numbers,
  • 11 – Nature trace and color,
  • 12 – Weather picture matching,
  • 13 – Weather word scramble,
  • 14 – Summer letter themes,
  • 15 – Summer jigsaw puzzle,
  • 16 – Leaf patterns,
  • 17 – Leaf shape matching,
  • 18 – Land vehicle patterns,
  • 19 – Sun tracing, color and cut,
  • 20 – Farm animal shape matching,
  • 21 – Summer on the beach maze,
  • 22 – Beach scavenger hunt,
  • 23 – Land vehicle matching,
  • 24 – Umbrella tracing, color and cut,
  • 25 – Summer tic, tac, toe,
  • 26 – Summer best moments,
  • 27 – Mandala coloring,
  • 28 – Connect the dots and color
  • 29 – Woodland I Spy,
  • 30 – Ladybug maze, and
  • 31 – Dot to Dot.

If this doesn’t give you a little time to chill nothing will! BUT just in case, we do have some other wonderful resources that you can take a look at on KiddyCharts. Most importantly, everything on this site is free, so sign up and get a free printable a week!

We’ve brought some amazing freebies to our readers in the past including:

  • An amazing Printable Worry Tree, that really does help your kids work through their thoughts,
  • So many Kindness resources, we don’t actually know where to start in telling you what we have 😂. Just like our printables, kindness is totally FREE and makes such a big difference to people’s lives. So be kind. A little goes a long, long way.
  • Our adult and kids coloring is amazing, we have everything from cats, and dogs, to seaside and jungle scenes. Take a look. And if that isn’t enough for you, and you want to support mental health and the site, why not nip to amazon and buy the adult and kids coloring book we have on there?

It has been a pleasure giving this wonderful eBook to you. Thanks to all the amazing brands that sponsored the eBook too, pop over to the giveaways to see who they all are!

We hope you will come back here again soon.

Grab 31 PAGES of summer activities for the kids - one for every. single. day. in August! #kidsactivities #summer #summerholidays #summercamp #summerfun #kids #ebooks

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