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Free French activities – everyday items scavenger hunt #31daysofactivities

For today’s #31daysofactivities post we have a très fantastique free kids activity sheet from Danni at Danni Meets World. She brings us some great language learning fun and some free French actitivies with this everyday items scavenger hunt. In this activity your kids can learn some french basics by searching for items around the house.

Free French activities - everyday items scavenger hunt #31daysofactivities

What is this free kids’ activity?

If you’re facing a rainy day inside and not sure what to do, this French scavenger hunt is sure to pass away some time! Print out the free activity sheet and let your child search the house for these common everyday items. They could do it as a race if you have more than one child to keep entertained, or you could make it a team relay where they have to take it in turns to go and find something. Once they’ve found all the items, you can look at what each of the items are in French. The activity sheet also doubles as the perfect task to colour in once they’re finished! For older children, they could always try and create their own scavenger hunt and perhaps even find the French vocabulary for their items!

A scavenger hunt is a great way for children to get engaged in something that is new to them in a fun way. This French scavenger hunt encourages your children to find familiar everyday objects from around the house and then explore the French vocabulary for each of the items. It’s also a great starting point to begin a discussion around different languages and cultures and for children to understand the wider world around them. You could use it as a starting point to talk about where French is spoken, or maybe use it as a precursor to a planned holiday to a French-speaking country.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start in exploring a foreign language with your child but the key is to not make it too scary or “foreign”! Whether you speak French yourself or can’t think of anything worse, this activity is meant to be fun! If you’re finding it hard to work out the pronunciation, a top tip is to type the French vocabulary into Google Translate and then press the “Listen” button. As an experienced languages teacher, I don’t often recommend Google Translate but for this function, it’s actually really helpful! My kids also enjoy asking Alexa what different things are in French!

How else can you get languages into your routine?

There is an abundance of languages resources online! My best advice is to go with whatever your child’s usual interests are and start from there. My daughters love to sing so we started with foreign nursery rhymes on Spotify. Search French nursery rhymes and you’re sure to find something! There are also lots of great multilingual children’s books – either their favourites in a foreign language (like La Chenille Qui Fait Des Trous – The Very Hungry Caterpillar) or classic stories in the languages you want to learn.

There are also a variety of in-person and online kids’ classes aimed at introducing young children to languages. One of our favourites when my children were younger was Babel Babies. And of course, if all else fails, most of the streaming services have the ability to change the audio track to other languages so it could be fun to watch an episode of Peppa Pig in French! The main thing to remember is that at this point, perhaps the best outcome for your children is fostering a natural curiosity for languages and the world around them and that they are able to have fun with something that for lots of Brits, typically can be quite daunting!

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Free French activities - everyday items scavenger hunt #31daysofactivities

Danni Blackburn is an experienced languages teacher and copywriter. She now blogs at and can usually be found on Instagram (@dannimeetsworld) talking about food, days out and travel tips.

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