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Free Easter games: Easter Egg printables dice game for kids

We are celebrating easter for you today, with Easter games and dice fun for the children! This is a simple Easter game that you can play with Easter eggs either at an Easter party, or just for fun with the kids, or your class. Print out as many copies as you need so that you can play with everyone.

You will also need some Easter eggs to play the game, best to use smaller Easter eggs of course, so that you aren’t breaking the bank. We have some great ideas for smaller eggs within our You’ve Been Egged Easter activity. What about checking these ideas out on Amazon? They have some fabulous wrapped chocolate eggs, the classic Cadburys Creme Eggs, not to mention that other classic the Mini Egg, as well as these fabulous Easter Bunnies from Lindt that would work just as well as eggs, despite the name of the game!

You can, of course, also get Vegan chocolate eggs as well. Whatever you choose, this game is great fun for you and the kids, we promise.

How to play these Easter games with the kids

There are a few ways you can play with this Easter dice game with the kids – we’ve got the instructions we prefer here for you – and we are keeping it pretty simple for the basic game. We’ve got extensions below these ideas for you though:

  • 1. Make sure you have the small Easter eggs ready, and enough for your participants as well – the winner is the one with 12 eggs, but you can adjust depending on the number of players and the number of eggs that you have,
  • Print out the Easter games printables below (click on the button after scrolling down); you will need a dice, as well as the rules for whatever you roll,
  • Take 3 eggs each, and then put all the other eggs that you have back into the centre. If you don’t want to use actual eggs, you can print some out from Easter egg templates, and colour them in, or even use our Easter Egg coloring. Colour them all in first and then pop them in the middle to use as tokens. There are 8 to colour in, but print them multiple times and you’ve got an unlimited supply of course! An alternative is to use smarties, or skittles too, if your children prefer that to mini eggs,
  • Roll the dice once you have made it OR grab another dice that you might have to hand from elsewhere
  • Depending on the roll you will need to:
    • 1 – Capture an egg from someone else,
    • 2 – Take two eggs from the centre,
    • 3 – Put one back into the centre,
    • 4 – Miss your turn out (sorry),
    • 5 – Pick one from the centre, and finally
    • 6 – Have another turn (the classic when you roll a six of course!)

Simple isn’t it?

Here are the sheets so you can see what you are getting as well, of course:

We hope you like the idea and enjoy the game – do let us know in the comments.

To download – click on the button here and they are yours as a PDF instantly for FREE!

If you are looking for other ideas and ways to use this – why not try these?

Three extension ideas for this activity to get more Easter games

  1. Add another dice, and get the kids to make up more things to do with the eggs, totally 12 ideas. You can also perhaps get them to do a forfeit if they roll a double!
  2. Grab the Easter colouring pages that we have already linked to within this (the 8 egg sheets), and instead of using the mini chocolate eggs, just divide your favourite egg into 6 and number the areas. Colour in the area with the corresponding number when you roll that number. When you have completed the egg, and all 6 areas are colored – you have won!
  3. Use these plastic coloured eggs, and fill them with whatever you like! There could be forfeits or “treasure in them. Alternatively, you can add questions for the kids to answer – this makes a great game for ice-breaking at the start of the Easter term to get back into school activities, or just to get to know friends at a party! Use six different colours and each number represents a different colour, or use the rules we have here, and just swap the eggs around until someone has 12 of them – there doesn’t even need to be anything inside them. You can, of course, put sweet treats in them too; such as the skittles and smarties that we have already mentioned.

We do have loads of other Easter ideas for the kids – so don’t forget to check these out too.

We have Easter writing prompts, as well as as Easter Scavenger Hunt in our shop as well.

Easter printables from KiddyCharts

Here are some wonderful ideas for Easter printables from the site - check them all out now.

There are more ideas from beyond this site too of course:

Easter ideas from the internet

Here are some more ideas for you and the kids from the internet around Easter; both learning and coloring activities.

We hope you have enjoyed these ideas – do come back again soon – and why not subscribe to our article newsletter as well, so you hear about content as it is published?

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