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Fathers Day gift idea: All about my Dad

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Last week we gave you a free Fathers Day certificate for you to give to Dad, but if that isn’t suitable, we are sharing another Fathers Day gift idea on the site for you today!

We have a lovely fathers day gift idea for you on the site today; visit to get an all about my Father certificate for the kids to colour in and fill out with you!

This is also a really simple, but lovely idea for Dad on his special day. It is a black and white certificate, that the kids can colour in which talks all about Dad, and everything that he means to your child.

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it’ll be completely personal for every single child that fills it in because we are asking kids to think about their fathers and write their own particular memories, and thoughts on Dad:

  • What is Dad’s favourite colour,
  • Why are his cuddles so special,
  • What do we love Dad talking to us about,
  • What is his favourite colour,
  • What your child likes best about their Father, and
  • What is their most amazing memory of their Dad too.

Not forgetting that there is also a lovely little space for the kids to draw a picture of their Father themselves; what more could you ask for in a Fathers Day gift?

We think that this is a wonderful idea, and will be cherished by any dad that gets this on Fathers Day. To download, just click on the image below.

Are you looking for a great free Fathers Day gift idea? Then why not print this out, get your kids to color it in and give it to Dad?

If this isn’t what you are looking for on Fathers Day, then we do have some other gift ideas for you on the site that will be just as good. Why not check these out too?

If you are making a gift, then you will also need some ideas for Fathers Day cards too, so how about these?

Plenty of resources for you here for Fathers Day gift ideas, and cards to keep Dad hapy for another year, I am sure that you would agree.

If you like this free printable, why not check out some of the other free resources for kids that we have on the site. We have everything from worksheets, to great colouring pages for the kids, and even some for adults too.

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We hope you have enjoyed this printable, and that you come back again sometime soon. We love sharing these ideas with you. Take care, and have a happy day!


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