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Charades on zoom: Freebie for the summer (Time to Pee exclusive)

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Charades is a great game to play with the kids, and we have a free game for you for Charades on Zoom as part of the Time to Pee club. We given you 3-4 free activities a month, usually one a week, just for being a member. You also get 10% off in our shop too, where we provide more great resources monthly as well. You can always see your downloads by logging in on our Time to Pee site too. Charades is a great way to communicate and stay connected with family and friends wherever they are. This summer themed charades game should keep you and the family busy for a few calls!

The game consists of six sheets for you, with clue cards of various summer themes which can be picked as part of the game. There is also a rules sheet for you as well; to help you to pick the ideas for the game of Zoom charades, and tick off everything as you go along.

Items and ideas included within the Charades for Zoom include:

  • Coconut tree,
  • Ice cream,
  • Floaties,
  • Beach ball,
  • Sail boat,
  • Banana split,
  • Watermelon,
  • Camera,
  • Coconut
  • Sun,
  • Popsicle,
  • Sunblock,
  • Googles,
  • Flip-flops,
  • Seashell,
  • Swimsuit, and
  • Wave.

The final sheet within the game is a set of blank cards. Why not get the kids to come up with some of their own ideas for Charades before you start the game?

You could get them to draw and colour in some more summer themed items that would work well for this, how about these ideas for some inspiration for you?

  • Sun hat,
  • Squid,
  • Octopus,
  • Beach-bag,
  • Parasol,
  • Lemonade, and
  • Beach ball.

Bet they can think of their own ideas too?

Charades on Zoom – what does it all look like?

Our charades is bright and colourful to encourage you all to take part. Just take a look:

Above are the first three pages of the pack – the final three include two more clue sheets, and a blank set of cards for your children to make their own.

As always we are sharing with you what we are providing to you for free before you can then download it directly from the site. You can also always check your my account pages on the site to make sure you always have access to it as well.

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We hope you like this activity, and if you do don’t forget to visit your account to check out all the other free ideas and organisational printables that we have on offer at KiddyCharts.

Do contact us if you want to ask us anything, and also suggest some printables that you might like us to make; both educational and organisational.

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