Water Guns: just think like an 8 year old once in a while...

Water Guns: just think like an 8 year old once in a while…

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

Thank goodness the sun shone this weekend; we could switch off everything  with a screen and get outside…HURRAH.

I even got some broccoli and sugar snap peas planted in the garden only to be told we might have a frost.

Well so far so good they are still thriving 24 hours later.

But I digress….

The children’s grandparents had been on holiday where it was too hot (if only) and wanted to pop around with gifts for them.

They had bought massive foam syringes for water firing!! Every child’s delight….of course.

…But we all know that however dry they promised to stay and no matter how many times we say don’t fire them at each other the temptation was goona be just too great.

They were desperate to play with them though.

So after hubby had allowed lots of mad shooting up in the garden we said:

“OK ten minutes of firing at each other – go for it!”.

Our reasoning was that it was after 6pm so they could strip off in the garden and run up to a nice warm bath.

This is soooooo much easier than being the kill joy who says no, and then has to deal with them when they do it anyway.

The worst that could happen is they get wet and cold.

And I remember water fights with old washing up bottles and dustbin lids, my cousin with his broken leg wrapped up in binbags….it was just fantastic, wet fun.

Sometimes it’s worth thinking like an 8 year old.

Life is supposed to be fun, well at least some of the time.

So maybe I will save the next empty washing up bottle, wait for a lovely sunny day and give the kids a run for their money…and perhaps I will post the photo too…..