Roses for the Garden

My little boy is five at the end of the month; I have already moaned about this as he seems to be growing up too fast.

This weekend, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday.

I was, of course, expecting a great big long list of lots of exciting things like:

  • Lego
  • Guns
  • Swords
  • Knight costumes
  • Castles
  • And so on.

And at first, he didn’t disappoint:

“I’d like a Playmobil pirate ship, please.”

So something nice and cheap then.

But then, he said,

“And some seeds, roses, to plant in the garden as well, please.”

So I guess we must be doing something right, somehow, amidst all this chaos.

What does your little one want for their birthday? And what have they done to surprise you recently?