Garden at Buckingham Palace

Jubilee Celebration – Did you get caught up in them too?

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Not sure about you; but I had a strangely patriotic weekend – wasn’t expecting it, but it just crept up on me.  I am usually someone who can take the royals or leave them, but this weekend you couldn’t really escape them. Unless you left the country, or hid in a darkened room, and refused to wear or eat anything dyed red, white or blue.

So we found ourselves watching the Pageant, eating Union Jack cake, and singing silly songs for Britain.  Well, the kids did.

I left Brad in charge of the bath on Sunday and discovered the kids knew all the words to “Right Said Fred”

Thankfully, not “Deeply Dippy” or “I’m Too Sexy”, but to the very British Bernard Cribbins Number.

Here it is, courtesy of some great Lego animation.

The kids gave it their best shot, and thanks to their school also seemed to know the Madness “Our House” song.

This was rather marvellous considering the light show on Buck House.

However, I don’t think that Chatterbox is going to win the X Factor, but she can certainly gets a gold star for remembering all the words!

What did you get up to over the Diamond Jubilee – and silly songs in your house!

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