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Tuesday Tips for Parenting: Jubilee parties galore so let them eat cake…

Honestly I am exhausted…

It has been a lovely weekend despite the rain.

Our village organised Diamond Jubilee events all weekend and its still not finished.

Tonight, I will be accompanying the Brownies singing in the talent show – and no, before anyone asks, I will not be wearing my old uniform!

Last week, I mentioned that the kids had all tried salads, but we seem to have eaten nothing but cake, and chocolate cake at that.

Longest Chococlate Cake

Longest Chococlate Cake - 24m to be precise!

It started with the street party after school on Friday where we had 24m of chocolate cake to munch through, of course it wasn’t finished, so we had to take some home.

On Sunday, we had our wet street party and the village open gardens with tea and cake.

Finally, yesterday was the family treasure hunt and you have guessed it; more cake. Since the preschool were helping out, that means more cake has come home with us and is currently residing in our kitchen!

Today, perhaps we will eat only fruit and vegetables! But, as I hate to waste food…that might have to be followed by cake.

Still, its only one weekend and there has been some fruit and veg consumption. The odd strawberry…ok, usually with cream, fruit smoothy and broccoli (not all together) and so we don’t seem to be developing scurvy, currently all teeth are present and correct.

Strawberries and Chocolate Cake

Strawberries and Chocolate Cake

But – it will be a weekend we all always remember and not just for the cake consumption although that along with the rain will form part of the overall theme.

As a family it was a great decision to stay home, be involved and feel part of our community – we usually go camping for this bank holiday.

Its memories of shared stuff, family traditions, the things we laughed or cried at will go with our children into adulthood.

It helps shape who they are and gives them a link back to remembering their childhoods, which face it are over all too quickly. Mostly, these kinds of memories cost us nothing to make; just our time.

We just have to take the opportunities to make them.

Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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