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Getting ready for the holidays – tidy that craft drawer!

Craft time over the summer perhaps

Craft time over the summer perhaps

Here we are coming into the last week of term. As always the holidays are a mixed blessing- time for tired kids to relax and recover, but a time when they are always around and we have to juggle them, work, and the usual jobs.  I reckon it takes us, as a family, a week to settle into being on holiday with the change of routines and all being together.

I need to prepare myself for something of a rough ride for the first couple of days, and I am so hoping the weather is better. Everyone was pretty much cooped up all day yesterday in the pouring rain and you could tell. Tempers were frayed, patience was at an all-time low and the kids could just not get on together at all. Thankfully, today is better so the oldest is out at his football tournament, the middle one at a brownies knees up, and the third is having some TV time before we take the dog out and we go swimming this afternoon.

So, this is the last week where I can get jobs done in peace. This morning I have ventured in, tied and cleaned my son’s room. I have found numerous missing socks under the bean bag, reclaimed the desk and have rediscovered the blue carpet.  So one down, two more to sort out later in the week and who knows what I will find lurking at the bottom of my daughter’s bed!

The other job I must tackle are the craft drawers…

Keep your craft drawers in order if you can

Keep your craft drawers in order if you can

A few years ago when we had our kitchen done I was very excited, as when the plans were drawn up with the computer images, we had space in a corner for two extra pan drawers . These were to become the craft drawers.  Previously, when we used a cupboard for craft stuff you were likely to suffer a head injury when you opened them as pots of paint or play dough descended…

Now, I just have to delve in and dig out what it is that is required, but they are in a bit of a mess. And this holiday I am determined to finish lots of the half started creations, and half empty kit boxes, so a good sort out is needed.

Plus, it will give everyone a much needed focus and something to do if the weather stays as wet and un-summer as it currently is…bring on the holidays!!

This is our regular guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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