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Munch Bunch Munch Time 2012 Short Stories Competition – Only a Week of Voting to Go

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Munch Bunch Munch Time Short Story Competition – Vote if you can

I’m not a bitter woman *bah humbug.*

So, that’s why I am encouraging you to nip on over to the Munch Bunch Munch Time 2012 Short Story competition and take a look at the great stories on there; you can even print some of them out, and read them to your kids. I am sure they will love their originality, and, of course, their cow.

KiddyCharts, well me actually, entered the competition, but we didn’t make it as one of the ten regional stories chosen at the final cut. However, I am not surprised, as the quality of the competition was obviously fierce.

Child psychologist Dr Richard Woolfson, who has been involved with the ‘Munch Time’ story writing competition for the last three years, says:

“This year’s entries have been of the highest standard. Creating stories is a wonderfully creative and rewarding activity for parents to enjoy with their little ones. Story time with very young children is not just beneficial for their intellectual development, it is a magical opportunity to bond, which even the busiest of parents should make time for.”

Make me, and the KiddyCharts kids, feel better by reading the stories that did make it, then we won’t feel quite so inadequate about being cast aside!

Voting closes at midnight on Sunday 22nd July, so there is still a week to go. The winner will get a £1,000 cash prize, and their story made into an eBook. They even get 100 printed copies to pass on to family and friends. Spare a few moments of your and your kids time to make someone happy.

What do you think of the stories, let us know below; and tell us who you’ve voted for too!

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