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Starting school: How do us mums feel when they have all gone?

Starting School: how do we fair when they have all gone?

Starting School: how do we fair when they have all gone?

This is our regular Tuesday Tips for Parenting guest post by Beckie Whitehouse from Be Confident Coaching.

The start of the second week of term and it’s a big week in our house. Littlest is starting school.

The first week went smoothly; my oldest has the new deputy head and once we got over the blip of him not wanting to write for the first two days he wrote far more than he was asked too. It was just beginning of term blues and who can blame him. On Tuesday we had been playing on the beach, swimming in the sea and then had to drive home 100 miles for school on Wednesday.  (I’m not sure I would have felt inspired either).

I was slightly alarmed then, when the teacher came to find me in the playground on Friday morning and if I’m honest ‘oh no what now’ did shoot through my mind, but he wanted help with a school science trip!!

My daughter, in a fit of keenness, did her spelling sentences the same night they came home although they were homework for the weekend!

It does seem somewhat stereotypical, but I’m sure not all girls are so studious and all boys so reluctant to write!

So this week the youngest starts.

So we will be reception, yr4 and yr6.

Unbelievable, my big boy in yr 6 and my little big boy in reception! Today is our last day together and he has chosen a bus ride and a coffee (well for me), smoothie for him in a well-known establishment. He is looking forward to it and being number 3 has never known a time when we haven’t been going to and from school everything is sorted and named; I even ironed the last name tapes on at the weekend.

I’m not quite sure how I feel…..I’ve never been one for tears in the playground but a very much in you go, and have fun.  Maybe I have been fortunate that the kids have been enthusiastic to start school. But I have had a little person around at home for 10 years…it will be a big change. I’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow; better take some tissues just in case!!

And as I’m getting used to them all being at school we start the preparations for the move to secondary school. The open evenings are in a few weeks and then we need to fill in the application forms by the end of October.

Still change is good for us, means we don’t get stuck in a rut and bored.

But underneath I am a little anxious about it all, but the plan for this week is to have a bit of me time, tidy the house, plan some of the household jobs, as there are a few rooms that need painting, carpets cleaning etc.

Starting School and following my own advice: tickets to Strictly

Starting School and following my own advice: tickets to Strictly

Then the next week when he is full time the plan is to get fit, sort the garden and further develop my coaching business pulling all the strands of things I have learnt over the last few years together and helping Mums re-identify themselves and achieve some of things they have always dreamed of.  And just so you know I am applying the same rules to myself, I am planning with a friend to get tickets to see Strictly; which I love and have always muttered about going too but never done anything about.

Have you had a little one starting school this week? How did it feel for you?

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Beckie is a mum to three kids, and works in the Cambridge area as a coach. Feel free to get in contact for a no obligation discussion.

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