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Parenting Tips Linky: Tips for encouraging pretend play

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How do we encourage pretend play? We have some resources to helkp you - come link your blog posts up too!

This week, we have been writing a fair bit on the blog about play, so I thought I would pull this all together to do the Parenting Tips Linky on this very topic – let’s cover pretend play shall we?

So this month, we are focusing on posts and resources that give us advice on encouraging imaginative and pretend play in our kids; anything from den building, to co-operative play, to getting the kids all dressed up and playing doctors and nurses. You name it, and we will probably be covering it! If you do love photographing your kids playing, do look at our monthly giveaway on KiddyCHarts too, where you can win a wonderful Snuggle Sac if you share your play photos with us. More details are in the KiddyPlay blog post.

My children have loved to play imaginative for as long as I can remember, and as long as I am able to stand the constant cups of tea, and the wish from my daughter for me to play at shopkeeper yet again, we have loved doing so. In a child’s had, a stick can become many a wonderful play prop.

We have always thought along these line personally for encouraging your kids to pretend play and use that imagination as best they can:

  1. Take a step back and let them lead
  2. Go with the flow
  3. Don’t expect them to conform, and don’t be surprised if a spoon becomes a magic wand in a child’s hands, or the dog is asked to become a dragon!
  4. Try not to worry about the mess, we can sort that out later *honest*
  5. Be patient and have fun!

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Without further ado – let’s play!

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