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How to make a miniature kite with The Weekend Box Club

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How to make a miniature kite with Weekend Box Club

This week, we have a very special guest post from my daughter – who is eight. She was asked by The Weekend Box to do some of the activities within their craft and activities box subscription service. We get a box every month, and she explains how to make/do some of the fun activities on here. Why not sign up for your free box as well? This activity was one of four within the box – as you can see – my son is getting stuck into one of the other ones!

Hi, I’m Chatterbox.

I am here to tell you about how to make a miniature kite. Here is what you need:


2 x Straws (provided by The Weekend Box Club)

Wooden peg (provided)

Thread (provided)

Kite template (provided)


Sticky take



  1. First, all you need to do is cut out your kite template (provided by The Weekend Box Club). Now get yourself a plastic bag. Next, with your pen, draw round your kite template onto your plastic bag. Now you’;ve got your shape.
  2. Next, get out your straws and put them in a cross shape across your kite plastic bag. You’ll need some sticky tape. You will need to cut the edges of your straws until they fit.
  3. Now stick your thread to the kite where your straws cross. Now unwind some of the thread and wrap it around your peg?
  4. Finally, cut some strips of paper and stick to the bottom of your kite with sticky tape.

Weekend Box kite - how to make a miniature kite with instructions from an eight year old

My daughter’s verdict (ahem – I added this bit! ;-))

The activity was quite hard, but it was good fun to do.

Here is the proof that she wrote this as well… – scanned in from her writing. She was a little worried about typing directly onto the KiddyCharts site. I think she thought that she might break something…

Why not nip along to The Weekend Box, and sign up so you can get a few activities on the go with the kids, without having to plan so far ahead, your head hurts!


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