Gold star linky: what have you done today that makes you feel proud?

KiddyCharts Gold Star Linky: Proud Mama

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Gold Star Linky
Gold star linky: Pop those champagne corks!

We don’t shout enough about how well we do as parents, we are always beating ourselves up about not doing this, not doing that. Sometimes even the books don’t help. They can make us feel inadequate.

Well you aren’t, you’re all fantastic.

Just think of one thing that you did or your children have done that’s made you proud this month – and then shout about it! VERY LOUD.

Anything will do…you can:

  • Tell us in the comments
  • Link to an old blog post
  • Write a new one just for little old me.

Lets celebrate those successes and get that little gold star!

I made it through half term; simple, that is what has made me feel proud this week. Some people find it a breeze. I didn’t; I was trying to juggle work, being a mum, blogging, and being a domestic goddess. Some of those I am not quite so good at – you can decide which…

What about you? Did you / your child:

  • Finally get around to reading a book; any book?
  • Bake a cake
  • Cut a first tooth
  • Get through the day
  • Start a new job
  • Write an awesome blog post or take a fantastic picture.

You name it; come and collect your gold star for it!

You don’t have to of course, but if you give me a little love by linking back to this post , I’ll share your post with the oodles of KiddyCharts fans on Twitter, there by returning the favour.

Gold Star Linky on the KiddyCharts Blog

The only rule for the linky is:

“If it makes you proud, it makes us proud too.”

So come one, lets celebrate success, instead of berating ourselves for the odd failure. We could all do with a little bit of support, so lets start now. And don’t forget to pop on over and see everyone else’s proud moments too!

Be grateful if you don’t put your website link in to the widget below unless you have a specific blog post that you are linking too. Cheers.

Here is the badge code; if you need it too:

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And here is Heather Small as well to give you that extra bit of encouragement!

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    • Well done your little one! Great job, and thanks for commenting and coming to see us. If u get a chance be great if you can do a post sometime for the next one. Cheers again xx

  • I am proud of me! This month I secured 3 new business deals that mean we should finally have enough money not to overdraw every month. And, and, and, I am still managing to feed the children! And not shout more than once a week! Go me!!! ;)

    • Well done you – and how in god’s name are you managing not to shout more than once a week; have u lost your voice ;-) Thanks for joining in.

  • My 8yo came 5th at a cross country event this morning one place better than last year but most importantly she ran her little heart out! Yesterday my 6yo was told he was good enough to go up to top swimming group which he doesn’t want to do as scared of the deep end but v proud that he’s come on so much. I have just learned how to put “badges” and remembered to write it down so I can do it again without struggling for hours!

  • Spent my morning reading with my little girls class mates in class two. Love it, they are all soooo cute and I feel proud I do my bit!:-)

  • lovely linky – and you are so right I will add a star to this weeks blog and celebrate along with you x

  • Dad away all week and just managing 3 kids, packed lunches, activities plus hosting a Pampered Chef party tonight feels like an achievement. On a serious note completing the Moon Walk was a big moment for me.

    • Now that’s a gr8 reason – and I like the post as well. I haven’t done a Vlog yet because guess what…I am TOO scared! Perhaps I should now…

  • What a great idea :) I’ve linked one from earlier in the month. Will pop over and visit everyone elses now. Love that song btw!

  • This might not seem a terrible achievement, but I have given up my iPhone! To be fair I do have a kindle fire now but this has stopped me from keep checking my emails and facebook whenever we are out. I am suffering withdrawal symptoms but am sure they will die out soon!! LOL

  • The other morning at breakfast, Little Miss No 2 called out “Put your hand up if you’re beautiful!” and all three Little Misses shot up their hands :-)
    Mummy quite teary (still!), absolutely thrilled that I’ve enabled that :-) Can’t say any more. Don’t know how I’ve done it, but known that I’ve always wanted to :-)

  • What a lovely idea for a linky.

    I have linked up an old post about something I am very proud of. Helping to raise £10,000 for Harry Moseley, with Wincey Willis who I didnt know (other than through Twitter) but who is now a firm friend.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share

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