Walking through the Clouds - wouldn't that be wonderful?

My son said something wonderful last week.

He thought that the man cutting down the tree in our garden would get to the top by:

Throwing a rope into the sky and catching a cloud so he can pull himself up.

What a beautiful idea.

I do so wish that were possible. Haven’t we all dreamt of walking across the sky?

Though I guess I’d probably bump into the pink, fluffy fairy castles my daughter believes are up there…

Technology demons

Its been a rocky road for me this last year.

Technology, bad decisions, and bad luck have smacked me repeatedly in the face with a wet fish.

The complications that KiddyCharts has had to deal with led one friend to comment that I was the human form of “entropy.”

In some ways, nothing else would seem to explain the level of chaos I have had to wade through over the last year. It was almost as though there was a smirking, slavering demon sabotaging everything to stop me from achieving my goals.

Which makes the last weeks all that more sweet to finally have made that first product for KiddyCharts a reality.

Technology disasters for KiddyCharts

I am a technology entrophy demon!

In brief over the last year:

  • Our previous web designers let us down; six months of work gave me nothing our new designers could use; the company are now in administration and we are trying to claw our money back
  • Our graphic designs were wonderful, but they had to be re-done due to a misunderstanding on image copyright
  • PCs have given up, printers have exploded, and laminators have back-fired
  • My iPhone somehow ended up down the toilet (oops).

In addition to all of this, my health hasn’t been as I would have liked. Nothing too serious, just getting in the way a bit.

Catching the clouds

Despite all this though, we can be proud that we have managed to get that first product on the go, and even better than that, KiddyCharts are actually gaining some recognition through the MAD Parent Blogging Awards and making it as a finalist in the best innovative product category within the national Mums Business Club awards.

So actually, perhaps I have reached up and caught those clouds after all; my son would definitely like to think so.