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Moshi Monsters Series 8 countdown day 13: Glam up for Vinnie

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Something cute has left the building, Nancy the Flouncy Fancy, to be replaced by something, or someone who thinks they are rather glamourous…time to go back to the age of Glam rock and meet Vinnie the Glamster Hamster…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Vinnie


These critters love singing Snotley Goo *Motley Crue* songs at the top of their voices in Main Street, troubling the natives on their customised trikes. They are seriously into Spandex, and air guitar as well; if its got glitter an glam on it or in it, then there is a hamster about, somewhere.

Personality; Wild, vain and a wee bit talented, honest

Likes: Buns n’ toasties and hairspray – of course…

Dislikes: Goo Fighters and brown candy

I am afraid that Chatterbox wasn’t a bit fan of Vinnie, so she didn’t have too much to say on him, that is probably because she isn’t a big Glam Rock fan though – whereas if you remember the Glam days of the eighties, then Vinnie could be your hamster…

Moshi Monsters Series 8: Vinnie

Vinnie – now he takes me back – but do YOU like him? We only have three more to go, which one is going to be your favourite. Don’t forget to subscribe so you can see all of the great Moshis for yourself.

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