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The Hairforce Nit Treatment Review

Hairforce nit treatment review: The Logo

Hairforce nit treatment review: The Logo

I still remember the feeling when I found my first nit. Bleurghhhhh *is that even a word*

There is…something… my daughter’s hair. It’s feeding off of her like some deranged Stephanie Meyer vampire thing, except without the sex appeal. Get it off now!

It took over four months to get them out the house, products that made her hair greasy, hours of not combing hell. For me mainly, as I had to listen to her life story every night for three weeks. Only way to keep her entertained was to get her to talk. And Chatterbox could talk enough to nuke most headlice..if only…

So when we had the opportunity to review a new treatment for the little bu**ers, I couldn’t resist. Chemical free, sold.

Hairforce nit treatment review: Treatment involves no chemicals just clever contraptions!

Hairforce nit treatment review: Treatment involves no chemicals just clever contraptions!

What is it?

The treatment is done in three stages, over two visits. The first visit involves the vacuum. And no they don’t get out the Dyson.  It’s a specialised piece of kit that gets 95% of the infestation. Following that, a machine called a louse buster is used to heat the head and dehydrate all the lice. Finally, they nit comb the hair, carefully dividing it so all the hairs is covered.

On the second visit, which takes place seven days later, this process is repeated but without the need for heating the scalp. And no, you can’t use your hair dryer to do this bit; you will burn your kid’s head *ouch*

The initial session is an hour and a half, with the second falling to only an hour as the louse buster isn’t on duty.

What does it cost?

The whole treatment is £150; with £100 for the first appointment and the remaining is due seven days later after the second visit.

What did mummy think?

Brilliant. My kids and I have had a nightmare with the traditional treatments for nits; the chemicals, the comb faffing. This method has a 99% success rate. And most importantly for me, its guaranteed. You don’t see any guarantees on the chemicals do you?

In addition, mummy likes the idea of not doing the combing myself, and having someone else listen to my daughter’s stories about unicorns and princesses. The Lice Assassins *yes really* employed by the company seemed very capable of keeping the kids interest for the sessions; ably helped by DvDs and Nintendos of course. The company have seen clients as young as newborn, but recommend the system for 18 months plus.

Hairforce nit treatment review: Enter Fluffy the Louse!

Hairforce nit treatment review: Enter Fluffy the Louse!

What did the kids think?

I didn’t take my daughter. She is currently nit free. However, I am pretty sure she would have loved Fluffy the travelling soft toy head louse. He is rather cute, and even has a tumblr blog as well. As for the Lice Assassins; my son would have had a field day with that one I am sure given his Superhero tendencies…

The whole idea of the sessions is to make the process more appealing to kids, so Hairforce make an effort to engage the children. From my experience, having head lice is no fun for anyone, so at least the treatment shouldn’t be adding to the misery.

Overall 8/10

The cost did seem quite a lot to me at first. But I suspect that if you have had repeated problems with nits, and no success with the other treatments out there, it is relatively good value.

There is a guarantee for 10 days as well, so if you do find they have “come back”, at least you have recourse. None of the other ways to de-nit give you support, and a means to say “hey, this hasn’t worked.” That has always surprised me about other treatments. You buy a bottle of stuff meant to help, and it doesn’t. You use a hit comb for hours, and they keep coming back.

At least with this system you are buying a service, so if it does prove you are in the 1% where one of the blighter’s has been hiding behind a hair follicle, you can go back and get them to suck those persistent little guys off.

Have you had trouble with nits? What do you think to this chemical free solution? Have you tried it for the kids? How was it for you? Do let us know below.

Note: This is a sponsored review.

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