Win Smiggle goodies with Impact Tutors (3 prizes available worth £80!)

Win these fantastic Smiggle backpack - closes 2nd Nov.

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We are working with the wonderful Impact Tutors to give you some fantastic advice about getting a tutor, and to offer Smiggle prizes to THREE lucky winners!

We’ve got a first prize of one of these rather awesome backpacks worth £33.50 – ideal for any kid that loves the Smiggle school stuff:

Win these fantastic Smiggle backpack - closes 2nd Nov.

And then one runners up prizes of this set of school essentials, which sells for £16.50, and includes loads of awesome gear for school, including a pencil case, pens, a ruler, and much more!

You can win this too - why wouldn't you want THESE awesome Smiggle goodies - closes 2nd Nov.

And finally, the final runner up prize of all those stationery favourites that a kid just HAS to have for school! We are talking a notebook, pens, a ruler, it is all there and usually sells for £15.

Smiggle is amazing, and we've got THESE to give away - come and enter! Closes 2nd Nov.

There really is something for everyone in this competition.

All you need to do is enter through this widget and you are there! We are giving extra entry points too on this one, for signing up to their Educational Tips newsletter (5), and sharing the comp with friends who then enter (5). So come along, and join the fun.

Win a Smiggle goodies (3 prizes available worth £70)

The competition closes in four week, as usual for our giveaways, which means that you have until Thursday 2nd November, to get those entries in! So hurry – usual T&Cs apply. You will also be sent a 50% off voucher if you enter the competition as well. – so you can try the service to see if it works for you.

First of all – why would you want to even get a tutor?

TEN reasons having a tutor can help YOUR child today

  1. To bring your child back up to speed; sometimes it is so hard for teachers to focus on the individual in a class of 25/30. This makes it really difficult, if your child starts to fall behind, for them to catch up as perhaps they need a little bit of extra assistance, that is (through no fault of the school), hard for them to be given. Tutors can help bring your child back to the level they need to be at
  2. To work at your child’s pace; the disadvantage of a class environment is that the teacher has to go as slow or as fast as the strongest, or the weakest pupils. If you have a private tutor, the speed of learning is all total tailored to them. Their teacher, their pace
  3. To provide one-to-one attention; with the best will in the world, one-to-one time in the classroom is limted. Tutors offer face to face time that is really hard to get for you kids in the norml school environment. An hour a week here and there can make a massive difference!
  4. To offer a variety of learning experiences; there is nothing wrong with a classroom setting, but providing another teacher, brings with it another teaching style that could very well be what you are looking for with your child to help that in that specific subject. Tutors are available in a range of subjects, so you pick the area that your child needs the most help, and you will likely expose them to a more varied learning journey. Clearly something that will stand them in good stead as they progress through the educational system
  5. To remove a learning roadblock; sometimes no matter how many times their class teacher explains something, it just doesn’t go in; for whatever reason. The change of scene that a tutor can bring, and the time they are able to spend with the child, AND the familiarity your child will foster with that person, will make it so much more likely for any learning struggles and blocks to be overcome. Blocks can be punched through in collaboration with a tutor faster and more efficiently in the relaxed and nurturing environment of your own home too,
  6. To offer flexibility; learning at school is obviously within set times, getting a tutor to help means that you can fit it in the whatever tim of days suits you.Saturday morning, Sunday evening, after school – whenever you find that your child is most receptive outside the school hours, to learn,
  7. To stretch them; who doesn’t want to do off curriculum once in a while? Having a tutor does mean that there is likely to be a little more flexibility not just in the time that your child learns, but also in WHAT they learn. And there is an awful lot to be said for enriching the learning experience as much as possible,
  8. To help understand exams; a simple thing, but if you are tutoring your child for a particular exams, from SATs, to GCSE, and extrance exams for private education; your tutor will KNOW those exam formats, and expectation more than anyone. It is safe to put them in their hands, and to go to the exam expert!
  9. To help practise for those tests and exams; alongside the experience a tutor brings of the tests your children will sit, is also the availability, through a tutor, of practise exams and tests which can be entirely focused on your child’s development. That has GOT to be a win for both you, and your child, as they can go through anything they don’t understand, and even experience “fake” testing conditions in the comfort of their own home, and finally
  10. To make your life easier; face it, we ALL argue with our kids about homework, and wouldn’t it be oh so much nicer if in just ONE subject, it was actually someone else’s problem and not yours for a change?!!? ;-)

Having read that – I’m tempted to go and get one myself! If you do decide to do so, then Impact Tutors are London based and provide face-to-face tutoring at home for maximum impact. The owners, Ash and his wife Haleh are passionate about the company. Haleh has, in fact, a teaching background and has been a tutor for the last 12 years herself. All tutors within the company are qualified and vetted. They aim to provide a unique “love your tutor or get your money back” best match guarantee as well to ensure each client finds their ideal tutor.

Good luck with the giveaway – and if you do decide to get a tutor, may your child shine as brightly as they can!

Why getting a tutor can help YOUR child today!

Photos of products are courtesy of Smiggle, and this promotion is not run in association with them; it is independent. We do love their products though, and would be happy to recommend them as a great place to go for kitting out your kids!

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  • I would choose Sam as he says he is fun and young. As a parent, to me I think learning has to be fun. If it isn’t then my child is likely not to take as much in and lose interest quickly!

  • I would choose Benjamin, he’s only 1.1 miles away, is a qualified teacher and is DBS checked which is very important. He also has 15 years experience which is a bonus.

  • I’d choose Benjamin as he’s a primary school specialist, he looks friendly on his photo and has 15 years experience

  • i would choose alexander because not only is he very qualified my sons name is xander wich is short for alexander so i think he would instantly have a conection and my son would feel more at ease and open to learning with him

  • I think I would pick Szilvia. I like the fact that she’s worked with deaf people so would be a bit more understanding if they didn’t grasp the subject straight away. Found the ESL interesting too and think she would be more able to explain things if she’s used to deaf people and people whose first language isn’t English.

  • I think I’d choose Mary I like that she’s approachable as my child finds it hard to ask for help and I was a child once myself I no how that feels it can be scary xx

  • I would choose Oshane for my daughter as he comes with both references and a DBS check, and has over 10 years experience in Maths teaching. He also specialises in Biology, so I feel would be very well placed to help my daughter.

  • I would choose Colette (North West London) she sounds like she has lots of experience with all ages and teaching lot’s of different aspects.

  • I would choose Alexander as even though he teaches a broad range of subjects I think he would teach maths in a fun and unique way which would make it better for primary school children. Think they would learn more.

  • I would choose Mary, as she has a PhD, and is experienced in teaching Mathematics at all student’s levels.

  • I’d choose Jethro.He might be a bit further away at 1.9 miles, but he sounds friendly and laid back which is just what my kids would want in a tutor. He also says he prefers to work through the children’s textbooks with them which will help them gain confidence in what they are actually working on in school.

  • I would choose Joy as an english tutor. Her rates seem good value and I think she would motivate my daughter to learn.

  • I would choose Edoardo because he looks relaxed and friendly and has both real world experience in business consulting and academic experience with a master’s degree in International Finance and Economic Development. He also tutors in a variety of areas of Maths and plays guitar.

  • I chose Benjamin because I like the fact he specialises in primary level, and he comes across as the sort of person who would be well placed to explain things in a way that my child would understand, and not go too high brow!

  • Mary because she seems very approachable. One of my daughters main issues is that shes afraid to ask for help if she doesn’t understand the first time so being approachable is key for us

  • I would choose:
    Haleh – a female tutor for a girl pupil, plus she is suitably qualified. What made me select her was that she says she has a passion for teaching and this means it is not just a job, but something she enjoys and would make the lessons exciting and fun.

  • I think I would choose Dagney as she looks enthusiatic and she’s stated she is experienced, I would prbably get a shortlist of 2 or 3 and discuss it further with my husband and probably get in touch and have a chat. I think talking can help you get a better feel of whether someone is a good fit

  • I chose Primary School Maths Tutor Alexander because he seems to have a similar mindset to my son – musical and strengths in spotting patterns and logical thinking. Also helpful that he could branch out into other subjects if we wanted help in other areas too.

  • I would choose Sam because he’s young and says he’s “Fun, Engaging and Dedicated Maths and Physics Tutor”. I think my boys would relate to him if he made lessons fun

  • Benjamin as he is a qualified teacher and DBS checked. He also Specialises in all things Primary, particularly boosting young people’s confidence which i think is what my daughter needs.

  • I’d choose Benjamin as my first choice – a qualified teacher specialising in subjects at a Primary level (Maths, English and Science), 15 years experience and DBS checked. I also like that he’s available several evenings in the week, which would fit in better in my case.

  • I would choose Marco for GCSE Geography because he has experience of over 1200 one to one teaching hours.

  • It is difficult to choose but I would go for Sana as she is local, she has two years’ experience, she is young so would relate to the children well and she also tutors other subjects which could provide continuity if necessary as the children continue with their education.

  • I prefer women teachers over men as I think they are more compassionate, i think Mary would be just this, whilst delivering a good, strong lesson.

  • I think Manika would be a good maths tutor as she seems to have a passion for the subject, which would hopefully be passed on…

  • I think i would choose either Mary or Benjamin as they both seem very experienced and are qualified teachers.

  • I would choose Benjamin, all of my children are primary school age, it would be great to get them all tutored at the same time with the aim of them getting into the local grammar school and he specialises in this age group and gaining 11+ exam success

  • Szilvia my grandson has speech problems with this teacher specialising in deaf children I think she would take the time to understand him

  • I’d choose Sana for my daughter as she would feel more at ease with a female tutor and young and looks full of enthusiasm. Sana also specialises is Science and that is my daughter’s favourite subject at school.

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