Win Puppy in my Head book to help kids deal with anxious and overwhelming thoughts

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We have a gorgeous little giveaway for you all today; something to ease anxiety in kids at this difficult time. Puppy in My Head (RRP £6.99), a comic-style picture book by award-winning author Elise Gravel, and helps children identify and deal with anxiety in a humorous, relatable and light-hearted way.

This books is aimed at kids aged 2-5, and is designed to help them to become both more mindful and aware of their anxious feelings.

Puppy in my Head Book

The main character of the book addresses the reader right from the first page, telling us that there is a puppy running around inside his head. The puppy’s name is Ollie, and sometimes the puppy is quiet, oftentimes he is curious, and occasionally, Ollie gets scared.

A lot of the time, Ollie gets way too excited! That’s when it can get overwhelming for the main character. What to do?! He uses his breath, words, and actions to calm himself—and Ollie, the puppy—right down. The final page suspects that all of us—grown-ups, too—have a puppy inside our heads.

This is such a great was of helping kids to visualise their worries, in a clear and understandable way. It also provides them with the concept that adults can get anxious too; which will give them a little more understanding should family members suffer from anxiety.

What makes Puppy in My Head special

Puppy in My Head is a book that feels so necessary. It helps children deal with anxious and overwhelming thoughts in a friendly and constructive way. With bold, graphic, and colourful art coupled with a clear and a child-friendly metaphor, this book will speak to and help many young readers cope with anxiety.

Author Elise Gravel is a popular children’s book author and illustrator based in Montreal, Quebec, whose books have been listed on Bank Street College’s Best Books of the Year, Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books, and New York Public Library’s Best Books for Kids. Elise’s art is filled with a sense of wonder, humour and creativity that speaks directly to young minds.

She is inspired by social causes and loves to create quirky characters that teach kids how to embrace the wonderful things that make them different. She has created over thirty books for children. Find out more about Elise at and Upside Down Books.

How to win Puppy in My Head

Winning this book is easy – all you need to do is fill out the widget below. We have the usual ways to enter on KiddyCharts; just to make it easy for you.

Entry is via:

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Win Puppy in My Head to help kids deal with anxiety (Trigger Publishing)

We do hope that you think that this is as charming a book as we do and would like to win it for your children. The giveaway closes on the 30th April at 11.59pm, and usual T&Cs apply as well.

Thanks for coming to see us again – we massively appreciate your time. If you want to see other resources for kids that suffer from anxiety, then we do have loads on the site. Why not take a look?

Emotions and anxiety resources for kids

Here are some other tools for exploring emotions and anxiety with your kids on the site.

Take care of yourself and your kids, and we will see you again soon I hope.


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  • I would love to win this and even if i am not lucky enough to win I think that i will have to buy this for my autistic 6 year old as i always have anxiety with him going to school.

  • I would like to win this book as children relate to characters in books and it is easier to open up a conversation about how they are feeling.

  • I have 5 kids, the eldest of which has spent a lot of the last 3 years in hospital. My 10 year old son in particular finds this really hard and suffers from anxiety and worries a lot. This book would be really helpful.

  • I think this would be helpful for my grandson not only for himself but to understand others better

  • This book would be perfect for my sons with al that is going on in the world right now. The illustrations look lovely too.

  • My granddaughter’s daddy died two years ago and while she is normally a happy lively girl, she sometimes becomes very upset and anxious when she misses him and worried that she can’t remember him. I think this book could help her

  • It would be ideal for my young son who pretends to be a puppy when he doesn’t want to deal with something.

  • This book seem a brilliant way for young children to express their feelings. I think it would help my young grandchildren who sometimes struggle to explain their thoughts

  • I’d like to win for my niece – I think with current times we should be making sure kids are aware of why they might think the way they do and how to work with their thoughts when they are anxious, sad or not really sure what they are feeling

  • This sounds like a wonderful book to help the kids through this very strange and frightening time.

  • Anyone like myself who has young or even older children , will need some help at the end of this crisis, the younger ones dont understand and the oldre are probably scared this book will help us all

  • I am sure that Arlo would enjoy this book. It is a very difficult time for everyone and children in particular can’t understand why they can’t play with their friends or visit family

  • I have sufferd anxity since I was 8 I had a terrible childhood. I have always tried to be kind, gentle , encouraging, and reassuring with my own kids but I am aware anxiety can be learned behaiour and sometimes my youngest is a little anxiousso I like to bulit her up and what better way then a lovely story like this

  • This is a lovely little book. I have seven young grandchildren who I would love to share this book with. They all have anxieties from time to time and mindfulness is such a great tool to have.

  • I would like to win for my eight year old granddaughter who gets anxious before swimming lessons

  • this would be great for my youngest she was struggling with school and now we have self isolating on top

  • With everything that is going on at the moment, I think we could all benefit from some mindfulness!

  • Like most kids at the moment my daughter is struggling with her anxiety with everything that is going on, so things like this are really helpful

    • I would like to win this for my grandson who is waiting for an operation and reading this may help him be less anxious.

  • I’d love to be able to give this book to my lovely nieces to help them deal with their emotions.

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