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Day 11: Win Molly Potter wellbeing book bundle for kids #KiddyChartsAdvent

We have another wellbeing book bundle for you all in the 11th day of our advent giveaways. We have all three books from Molly Potter, a children’s mental health expert, for you all. And we have TWO sets to give away as well:

This image shows an "Advent Giveaway" featuring three colorful children's books titled "How Are You Feeling Today?", "The Same But Different", and "What's Worrying You?" with holiday decorations.

What’s in the Molly Potter book bundle?

We have three books for you to enjoy within this bundle:

The image is a colorful book cover titled "How Are You Feeling Today?" by Molly Potter, illustrated by Sarah Jennings, featuring cartoon children with various expressions.

“How Are You Feeling Today?” is more than just a storybook; it’s your child’s personal toolkit for emotional wellbeing. The book helps kids understand their emotions better. It’s like having a friendly chat with feelings, making it an excellent buddy for children as they grow and learn.

The book reassures kids that all feelings are okay and encourages them to talk about them.

A great way to encourage kids to express themselves more freely about their feelings.

This book helps children identify, express, and manage their worries..

It is designed as a trusted companion for kids to navigate their worries. The book uses playful language and humour to empower kids to face their worries, fostering resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Are you ready to open this book and join your little ones on their adventure of overcoming worries? Let them explore, express, and embrace their feelings!

This is a colorful book cover for "What's Worrying You?" featuring three illustrated children looking concerned, with big bold title text and a small dog.
The image is a book cover titled "The Same But Different" by Molly Potter, illustrated by Sarah Jennings, featuring diverse children, one in a wheelchair.

In this book, through engaging storytelling and colourful visuals, it helps children understand, appreciate, and celebrate differences.

“The Same But Different” is more than just a picture book; it’s a friend for kids navigating the world of diversity. It’s a vibrant celebration of diversity, reminding kids that it’s our differences that make the world a colourful and exciting place.

With “The Same But Different,” every difference is an opportunity to learn and grow.

How to win this Bloomsbury book bundle?

Fill out the gleam – it is that easy!

Day 11:Wellbeing book bundle from Molly Potter

The giveaway closes on the 18th December at 11.59pm to give the company enough time to send out the books before Xmas, thugh we don’t guarantee this of course. Ways to enter include:

  • Go on over to the “X” platform, and follow Molly Potter over there to find out all about her books, and what she is up to next,
  • Tweet about the giveaway on “X”, and also share/retweet the announcement we have about the advents on the platform,
  • Download the Christmas activity book we have created for the kids thanks to all the hard work of our very own KiddyCharts Christmas elves. This year, the book is all ab out wellbeing, and helping and supporting kids with their mental health,
  • Join our giveaways newsletter for more awesome giveaways for the rest of 2023 and into 2024 when we are going to give you even more amazing ideas, inspiration and goodies for the kids and finally
  • Get the unique URL that we have for you and share with your family and friends, and if anyone enters from that, you get even more chances to win.

We really think we have done well this year with all the amazing giveaways in the advent, so come back again and keep entering our giveaways. We love giving a little back to you all:

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Thanks for coming to see us, and do come again!

An Advent calendar-themed image for "Day 11" promoting a contest to win a Wellbeing Book Bundle by Molly Potter, available on

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Audrey Naylor

Tuesday 12th of December 2023

Looking at the books, I think all schools should have them, the child can read it with help of the teacher, or Teachers Helper, mental health is quite worrying, I think It seems as if children of all ages are suffering.

Sally Collingwood

Tuesday 12th of December 2023

The chimney in Colour Santa and his Reindeer is so calming and educational too!

Susan B

Monday 11th of December 2023

My favourite is the Christmas bauble to colour as it requires concentration and care for little hands.

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